Mother Knows Best – Mother’s Day with Debenhams

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    Whether you’re a mother yourself, a grandmother, a daughter or a grandchild – I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day! It’s easy to take your family for granted – it’s a trap we all fall into from time to time – so Mother’s Day is a great way to show your female family members that you appreciate all they do for you. My mum and I haven’t always seen eye to eye, but recently, we’ve definitely gotten closer. So, when an email from Debenhams landed in my emails asking if I wanted to try out some surprise superfood skincare products with my mum, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to have some good ol’ mother daughter bonding!

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    Jodie Reads: The Ferret, The Donkey and Snakesbelly by Brian Amos

    The Ferret, The Donkey and Snakesbelly, Brian Amos, Book Review, Jodetopia, Whispering Stories

    Another week, another book review! Today I’m sharing the third book I read for review over on Whispering Stories blog. This review is a little different as it’s a slightly more negative review in comparison to the book reviews I normally post on my blog. However, I still thought some book lovers out there might be interested in my thoughts. The book in question is titled ‘The Ferret, The Donkey and Snakesbelly’, written by Brian Amos*.

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