Glossybox – October 2015

    So, I’ve finally had some peace and quiet to sit down and type up my review of the October Glossybox and what can I say – I am very impressed! Although I’ve been getting slightly annoyed at the number of lip products I’ve been receiving, the other products in this month’s blog massively make up for that.

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    5 Ways to Feel Happy

    So, I wanted to upload this post to firstly hopefully help others, but also as a little reminder to myself when things get tough.
    We all have down days. We all experience times when you sit down and just thing ‘F*** it’. ‘I can’t be bothered’. ‘I don’t want to’. Its natural. We’re only human. But what is really important to remember is that it is just a phase. It will pass. You will feel okay when that dreaded meeting at work is over or that homework has been handed in or when your boyfriend texts you apologising for the argument.
    I thought I’d write down my tips on how to feel happier. How to make that phase shorter. How to get the motivation to sit up and say ‘Right, come on. You can do it’.

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    How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

    So, my most used makeup brushes have been long overdue on a clean…. and seeing as my skin has being getting fairly bad recently, I thought it was time to get rid of all the bacteria lurking on the bristles!


    I thought I’d document how I clean my makeup brushes as I’ve read a lot of different methods, some of which just seem to completely overcomplicate it. Swooshing in extra virgin olive oil first? Using a spray bottle and only spritzing gently? Far too complicated for me – I’m a girl of simple measures! So for those who don’t have much time, or who just can’t be bothered, heres how I do it.

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