Makeup Revolution Haul!

    So, having read numerous great things about Makeup Revolution, I decided to buy some bits and bobs on Black Friday. They were offering some palettes and gift sets on sale, as well as having an offer in which you received a free gift when you spent £30. I just couldn’t resist!

    Jodetopia Makeup Revolution

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    Book Review – The Lullaby Girl by Aly Sidgwick

    So, I’ve been trying to put down the technology and pick up a good ol’ book a little more often recently. With a freshly moisturised face and green tea in hand, I definitely feel like reading is benefiting not only my mental health, but also my skin and energy. I’ve always loved reading, but since starting full time work a couple of years ago, I do struggle to find the spare time to devote to the task.

    Anyway, as I’ve been making the conscious effort to make time to read, I thought I’d share my most recent read, as I definitely think it’s worth a mention.

    lullaby girl bright

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