Glossybox – July 2016

Want to have a peek in my July Glossybox? Look no further… it is (yet again) time for a monthly roundup of all the goodies I received! Spoiler alert: be prepared for a LOT of full size items! Let’s cut to the chase and get on with it, shall we?

Jodetopia, Glossybox July 2016, Review, Hairon, Utan, Haiwaiin Tropic, Icona,

Jodetopia, Glossybox July 2016, Review, Hairon, Utan, Haiwaiin Tropic, Icona,

A product I was extremely impressed with this month was the Icona Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara. At first, I didn’t think this was going to be any good as the tube feels light, cheap and overly ‘plastic’. However, upon using the mascara first thing on a Monday morning for work – woah. Boy was I impressed. Instant length and volume, and it applied very easily – a tiny wiggle of the wand on my lower lashes coated them beautifully, without making a mess. It wasn’t until I read the leaflet with the box that I discovered the mascara is also water, sweat and humidity resistant – perfect for my daily commute when it gets a bit stuffy on the tube! It really is waterproof, too – it’s actually pretty hard to get off. It barely budged with my Clarins gentle eye makeup remover, but I found that my Merumaya Eye Makeup remover from my February Blogger Beauty Box managed to take it off well. All in all, I’m pretty impressed!

I need to confess something – I don’t tan naturally and I tend not to bother fake tanning. Not really much of a confession, but seeing as I seem to keep receiving self-tanning products in beauty boxes, I feel like it is a conversation I need to have with my beautiful readers. I’m pale, ok? I used to despise this and slap on bottle after bottle of instant tan (not a good look), but since working full time I just CBA for all the agg. I’ll occasionally use a gradual self tanning moisturising lotion (when I can be bothered) but if I’m honest, I really haven’t got into much of a routine for it to make any difference. In this month’s Glossybox, I received yet another gradual tanning product – Utan and Tone Nourishing Creme. Admittedly, I do use face gradual tanners more than I do body ones, but again – I REALLY need to try and get into a routine of using them. So as not to keep opening products and never using them, I’ve kept the seal of this one firmly shut. Who knows… maybe instead of wasting it, I’ll give it away to one of my readers on twitter? Let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to do this!

Jodetopia, Glossybox July 2016, Review, Hairon, Utan, Haiwaiin Tropic, Icona,

I’m a long time fan of the classic Tangle Teezer, so was pleased to see a Hairon De-tangle brush in the box. Smaller than my regular Tangle Teezer, it’s the perfect size to pop in my ‘essentials’ pouch in my handbag. And what a cute colour is it, too?! So insta worthy! The brush has a brilliant design – the bristles glide through your hair and untangle your hair much more easily and gently than a regular brush. The only downfall of this product, is that although it fits in your palm nicely, it isn’t moulded to the curves of your palm like the Tangle Teezer is, so you have to ‘hold’ onto it a little more.

Oh what a surprise. Yet *another* lip product in my Glossybox…. Ahh. I have SO many! The only reason I decided to give the Hawaiian Tropic Island Berry Lip Gloss a go and not save it for a giveaway, was because it has SPF 25. That’s right – twenty five. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of a lip product having such a high SPF before?! That alone makes this product perfect for Summer and the holiday season, as I definitely don’t put regular sun cream on my lips, and I don’t want them to burn/ be unprotected! Whilst I don’t normally go for a gloss, this one isn’t too unbearable because oh my gosh, it tastes amazing. Like SO good. Like, it’s hard to wear because I just want to lick it off, haha!

Jodetopia, Glossybox July 2016, Review, Hairon, Utan, Haiwaiin Tropic, Icona, Jodetopia, Glossybox July 2016, Review, Hairon, Utan, Haiwaiin Tropic, Icona,

I love getting brushes in my Glossybox – it is such a great way to expand my collection! This month, I was lucky enough to receive the Blank Canvas F20 Flat Brush. This brush is SO cute! I love the pink & gold combo – it definitely satisfies the girly girl in me. I actually don’t own a fully flat brush – my Real Techniques buffing brush is probably the closest I have to this, but I’ve found it really buffs in my makeup well. I’ve used it with cream, liquids and powder and I have to say – it has performed with all of them. It is just so soft – I love it!!

Jodetopia, Glossybox July 2016, Review, Hairon, Utan, Haiwaiin Tropic, Icona,

Jodetopia, Glossybox July 2016, Review, Hairon, Utan, Haiwaiin Tropic, Icona,

Overall I was really chuffed with this month’s box – Glossybox have pulled it off once again! What do you think your favourite product of this month’s Glossybox would be? Have you tried any of these products or brands before? Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t forget, if you fancy grabbing a box for yourself, sign up using my invite link (it gets me points towards a free box!).

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Jodie x


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  • Your photography is stunning! 🙌🏻 I don’t tan either, but I love being tanned so I usually use a gradual tanner. I’ve never used any of the products that you received in your box, but they all look good! I’ve never signed to any monthly boxes either, but I might actually give a try! x

    • jodie.keith

      Thank you so much! I would highly recommend subscription boxes, especially Glossybox! Another good one to try is pink parcel xx

  • Nequéren Reis

    Produtos ótimos amei o pincel, obrigado pela visita

  • Ailsa Sheldon

    I love that hairbrush but me daughter nabbed it!

    • jodie.keith

      Haha, it is such a good hairbrush, so I don’t blame her!! x

  • Sharon Jackson

    Great review thanks. I’ve read so much about the Tangle Teezer, I’m really going to have to get these as gifts for my daughters & step daughter, a nice little stocking filler.
    I’m window shopping for good ideas to start my Xmas shopping, how good am I lol.
    My eldest is just starting to venture onto fake tanning products but the majority of the ones she’s tried are making her look too dark & false so it would be nice to come across one that looks a little more natural such as a gradual one as she’s a very pale red head.
    It would be great for her to try “The Utan & Tone Nourishing Creme” so fingers crossed that you decide to offer it as a giveaway on your twitter page 🙂 x

    • jodie.keith

      Haha you are very prepared! Helps spread the cost out the earlier you start looking, though. A tangle teezer would make a brilliant stocking filler. I will definitely be offering the Utan creme as a giveaway soon – I’m just going to get together a few more products so it can be a larger prize! Hopefully in a few weeks time! x

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