A Day of Painting and Pottery!

So, a few months ago I heard about these shops where you can go and spend all day painting and making arts and crafts. I knew I just had to find one, so a quick google search discovered there was one only 15 minutes from my house! I managed to persuade Taylor to stop off there on our way back from our week away in a cottage (you can read all about this here) and we had such a great time we went back again! I really enjoyed it, so thought I’d share my experience with all of you guys!

Heavenly Glaze Pottery Painting Jewellery Dish Jodetopia

I chose to go to Heavenly Glaze in East Peckham as it is only a 15 minute drive from my house. When we walked in, I was so happy to see a whole WALL full of blank pottery bits ready to be painted! They also had other arts and crafts bits, like decopatch and t-shirt decorating. I didn’t get any photos of the shop as there were children around and I was too embarrassed!

The staff were really friendly, offering teas and coffees and explaining how to get the best results from the paint. They then left us to it and we happily painted away! Time flies by, and it’s not until it’s 2 hours later that you realise it might be time to finish up and go home! You leave your pieces with the staff, who arrange for it to be glazed and fired in a kiln, and let you know when you can come back up to pick up the finished products. We had to wait a week, which suited me perfectly as I had already decided I wanted to return to make some more Christmas ornaments.

The first time we went, I reached straight for the cupcake dish above and the penguin tree ornament (how cute is he?!). Taylor painted an owl lantern for his Nan (aw).
Heavenly Glaze Pottery Painting Penguin Christmas Tree Ornament Bauble Jodetopia

The items were very reasonably priced, the whole visit costing us a total of around £30. Not bad for a little day out with some handmade goodies to take home! The second time we attended, I went for a reindeer ornament (which I made for my Dad for Christmas) and a snowman ornament (I made this for my Mum). I was so happy with how these two turned out and definitely learnt that you have to really layer up the paint to get the best results.

Heavenly Glaze Pottery Painting Reindeer Christmas Ornament Bauble JodetopiaHeavenly Glaze Pottery Painting Reindeer Christmas Ornament Bauble Jodetopia

They have a variety of types of paints to create different effects – they even had stamps to play around with! In this cupcake dish, I used a textured paint for the icing which had flecks and spots of different colours. In the star tea light candle holder, I used flecked textured paint for the sides, and used the stamps to create leaves and flowers.

Heavenly Glaze Pottery Painting Jewellery Dish JodetopiaHeavenly Glaze Pottery Painting Star Tealight Candle Jodetopia

Overall, I am in love with this new hobby of mine! It is so fun and time absolutely flies. You spend the whole time concentrating that it is just so relaxing and fun! It’s great for all ages, too – there were children and adults in the shop all painting away.

Have you ever been to one of these pottery painting shops before? If there are any other hobby/craft shops like this let me know in the comments below!

Jodie x


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