The Pros and Cons Of False Nails

So, for those of you who read my recent posts about my December Blogger Beauty Box and Festive Nail Ideas, you’ll know I recently tried out some press on false nails. 

I haven’t had long/fake nails in years! When I was about 16, I would have the occasional set of acrylics, but I soon decided that was a habit I just was never going to be able to keep up financially.

In my recent struggles with these false press on nails, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the struggles (and highs!) of everyday life with these talons.

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Pros (i.e moments when you think ‘F*** yeah, these nails are fab’

I can dip a tea bag in and out of the tea without burning the tips of my fingers – especially handy when there are no clean spoons in the work kitchen.

My hair playing skill has gone up a level. My boyfriend likes it. So does my cat.

They make SUCH a cool noise when you tap them on the table. Or the radiator. Or any hard surface you can find. (especially good for annoying people)

You can part your hair without a comb. Life changer.

Instant staple remover.

You can swipe your nail along the gaps in a keyboard to instantly de-crumb/hair/dust it.

Weapons are always at the ready should you need to spontaneously attack

Oh yeah and they look pretty. Obvs.

Cons (i.e. moments when you want to rip your nails, and fingertips, off at that very second)

Buttoned blouses are a thing of the past

Any form of hand held food is now mission impossible and also just so gross and messy

An itch just isn’t quite as satisfying

My handwriting has gone from an A- to a C

They look so damn dirty underneath all the time even though they’re scrubbed and washed clean!

Finding and picking the end of the selotape off the roll? Not gonna happen.

Also neat, pretty wrapping of presents? Nope.

Don’t even TRY to take a key off a key ring. They will snap.

Texting….who wants to text anyway?

Your boyfriend will always accidentally fall into your nails then try to tell YOU to be more careful. Pfft.

Lighters = impossible. Back to good old fashioned matches to light up ma tealights.

Dialling numbers on a button phone… your fingers will slip and you will dial the wrong number and have to try again 27464708 times until you get it right.


I hope I’m not alone in the above thoughts! Let me know what other everyday struggles and highs you have with long/false nails in the comments below!

Jodie x

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