Blogger Beauty Box – February 2016

So, if you’ve read my previous Blogger Beauty Box reviews you’ll know that I adore this beauty box, as it is created by a fellow blogger. I actually had decided to take a break from the box, to give me a couple of months to get through the many products I’ve accumulated from these boxes, my Glossyboxes and also the many Christmas gifts I’ve received (and not yet had a chance to use!). Vicky accidentally sent me the February box, assuming I’d ordered it as she knows how much I love them, so I got a very nice surprise delivery! I am so thankful that this little mishap occurred, as the February box has been my favourite yet and it has made me change my mind – I just love getting them every month too much to stop!

Jodetopia Beauty Blogger Box Review

The first thing to catch my eye in the box was the DHC mineral mask. I love a good face mask – any excuse to have a pamper! I applied the mask all over my face, allowing it to dry for about ten minutes as instructed. It beings to dry up, and as it is a clay mask you do see the cracks forming, however it doesn’t go rock solid as some masks do. You then wash it off with warm water, to be left with a clean, calm face! This mineral mask said it will draw out impurities and it definitely does! I had a few spots on my chin and as soon as I washed off this mask, they had been drawn out to the top of my skin as lovely bulging whiteheads ready to be popped. TMI, sorry, but it meant my spots healed much quicker, so what’s not to like about that? It also calmed the redness on my face and around my blemishes. Result!

The next thing I tested from the box was the Merumaya eye makeup remover. I tend to wear quite heavy eyeshadow on a night out, so a good eye makeup remover is key – I want to be able to wipe all my makeup off quickly, easily and without making my eyes sore. This does just the trick! Just soak it onto a cotton pad, hold the cotton pad on my eyelid and then wipe away – a few wipes and my eyes are freshly clean. It is also very gentle – I’ve got some in my eyes and it doesn’t sting whatsoever, so would probably be okay if you have more sensitive eyes.

Jodetopia Beauty Blogger Box Review

The JR naturorganics cleansing milk and hydrating mist baffled me at first. I’ve never actually used a cleansing milk before (although, I have heard many a great thing) so was a little unsure how to actually use it. A quick google discovered massaging it on a damp face will turn it into an oil, which you then leave to do its magic before rinsing it off with water. Follow with the hydrating mist to remove any last traces of the cleanser and leave your face fresh and ready for your moisturiser. I definitely see the results when I use this combination – it leaves my skin fresh, clean and makes me FEEL better. Like, I know 100% that I’ve removed any impurities and dirt from my face, which is a great feeling to be left with at the end of a pamper session. It soothes my face after a face mask, too.

The Madame LA LA West Coast Tan at first was a little scary for me – I had flashbacks to my fourteen year old self, bright orange from awful instant fake tan. But, then again, I am ridiculously pale and need some colour in my life. This is an instant fake tan that also gradually builds, but where it’s instant you can actually see what you’ve applied and where (meaning you can ensure you are streak free!). It also has a ton of vitamins packed in, so no wonder my skin looks glowing and healthy with this applied.

Jodetopia Beauty Blogger Box Review Puriskin Lipstick

I’ve saved my favourite to last – the Puriskin Bespoke Lipstick. Where do I start?! Firstly, this lipstick is completely bespoke meaning – yep – you can pick and chose what you want in it! Want a vanilla scent? Added moisture? Sunscreen? Puriskin has got you covered! The lipstick I got is quite thin, meaning you don’t get a big, thick, messy layer of lipstick. This is great as it means you can build the colour up from a gentle, pale lip tint to a heavier lipstick. I also found that it has great staying power – even if you’ve only put a little bit on. I also just love the silver packaging – so simplistic. Basically, I love everything about this lipstick, and I’m so glad to have discovered it.

I’ve yet to try the Threads lashes as I haven’t had an appropriate event – I feel like they are very glam as opposed to natural and therefore I am saving them for a big night out! I have heard good things about this brand though, and it’s great to try out alternatives to my standard choice of Eyelure lashes. I’ll let you guys know how I get on with them when I’ve had the chance to try them!

Jodetopia Beauty Blogger Box Review Puriskin Lipstick

Overall, this box was amazing and I cannot get over how great value for money it is. I would definitely recommend this beauty box for any beauty addict. (Also, can we pls take a moment to appreciate how insta-worthy these photos have been?!)

You can check out what I’ve got in my previous Blogger Beauty Boxes here.

Jodie x

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