Blogger Beauty Box – April 2016

As usual, I was SO excited to receive my Blogger Beauty Box! The boxes just keep getting better and better too – I couldn’t believe it when I saw brands like Makeup Geek and Witch in this month’s box. In addition to a couple of samples, there were so many full size products! Seeing as the box is only £10, you just cannot deny what great value for money that is.

Blogger Beauty Box, Jodetopia, TOTM, Makeup Geek, Witch, Maya, Merumaya, Tropic, 1001 RemediesBlogger Beauty Box, Jodetopia, TOTM, Makeup Geek, Witch, Maya, Merumaya, Tropic, 1001 Remedies

The first sample to catch my eye was the Maya hair styling creme. I actually already own a pot of this hair creme, and have reviewed this already here. If you want a chance to try out the hair creme, I’m giving away a whole 250ml bottle in my giveaway – you can enter here!

The second sample in the box was a small sample of Merumaya Overnight Recharge Night Cream. I was disappointed with the Merumaya sample in the last box, as it barely was enough to cover my face, so couldn’t give it a fair review. Unfortunately – I have to say the same with this product. I can’t deny that it was a lovely, thick, hydrating night cream. However, this product promises to improve lines, lift and firm, reduce signs of fatigue and much more… do I think it lived up to that? No.

Blogger Beauty Box, Jodetopia, TOTM, Makeup Geek, Witch, Maya, Merumaya, Tropic, 1001 Remedies

I’m actually not that big on blush – I do use it a little but only on a full face of makeup for a night out. The blush is really pigmented, and is more of an orange than a pink – which means that I found a perfect other use for it – eyeshadow! I used it in a rose gold eyeshadow look I was creating and it looked lush (I completely forgot to get a picture of the final look, but the swatch above shows how beautiful the colour is!). This shade is infatuation – what a pretty name!!!. The only annoying thing is I actually don’t have a magnetic palette – I really need to get myself one – so am keeping the blush in the packaging at the moment.

I was really intrigued by the Tropic Sun Drops. I’ve been experimenting a little bit more with tan recently – I’m fed up of being as white as a ghost and summer is now around the corner! The drops were a bit annoying as you have to mix it into your normal moisturiser as opposed to putting it directly on your face, so it was a bit messy. It gave quite a strong tan even though I only used a few drops, but to be fair it was streak free and rather natural looking! I still prefer my Madame LA LA face tan, though, as you can apply that directly on your face.

Blogger Beauty Box, Jodetopia, TOTM, Makeup Geek, Witch, Maya, Merumaya, Tropic, 1001 Remedies

The 1001 Remedies Soin Millenaire cream’s main focus is anti aging. As this isn’t really a concern for me, and I wasn’t going to be able to see any benefits from the cream, I gave this to my mum. She said the cream felt tight on her skin (surely it’s supposed to as it is anti-aging?) and she wasn’t keen on the smell. She also wasn’t sure if it had any SPF in it so could only use it as a night cream. It did seem to hydrate her skin though, but so far she hasn’t seen any ‘wow’ benefits to justify the £69.00 price tag – maybe she will see more results over a longer period of time! The cream does have a really nice tingling sensation on the skin, so I definitely feel as though it is doing something!

The Witch Daily Primer and Clearing Serum was another product I was so impressed to see in the box. I absolutely love the Witch blemish stick – it sorts my spots right out – so I couldn’t wait to try this serum, too. My verdict? I love it!! I use it every morning under a moisturiser and I can definitely say since using this, the amount of spots I have got has reduced. I really like the thick texture and the pump bottle makes it really easy to get the right amount of serum per use. If you struggle with spots and blemishes, I can’t recommend this enough!

We also got some TOTM tampons. Always great to have some tampons to hand! I haven’t been able to test these out yet, but this brand is another natural tampon brand to hit the market – it is great to see more companies stress the importance of natural products! I previously did an in depth post about natural tampons – you can read this here.

Blogger Beauty Box, Jodetopia, TOTM, Makeup Geek, Witch, Maya, Merumaya, Tropic, 1001 Remedies

Overall, I was absolutely thrilled with this box and it was great to see so many full size products! The value of the box is just insane – well done to Vix for securing these great brands. I love being able to try out brands and products I would never even think to try normally.

Have you tried any of these brands? Let me know in the comments below!

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Jodie x

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