Introducing… Chin Up Mask!

I am a lover of face masks, so when I discovered that there was a face mask on the market that combats not your face, but your double chin – I jumped at the chance to try it! I bring you… Chin Up Mask*!

We are the generation of double chins. People can be skinny af but still have a little double chin going on – that is what looking down at our phones & laptops constantly is causing! They’re not the most attractive of facial features, so no wonder a company has latched onto this and developed a product to tackle it. Clever.

Chin Up Mask, Review, Jodetopia, Face Mask

Chin Up Mask, Review, Jodetopia, Face Mask

Chin Up Mask, Review, Jodetopia, Face Mask

I’m not gonna lie, but I’m pretty self conscious about my face weight – since putting on weight my face has filled out a little and I cannot deny the fact that my chin is definitely not as sculpted as it used to be! I was excited to try this and see if first of all, it worked at all, and if so, how long the results actually lasted for. Could this be an alternative to surgery?

Chin Up Mask is pretty simple to use – there is a serum saturated cloth which you apply to your neck and chin. You then put the band over the top of this to hold it in place, and stretch the band over your head and secure with velcro. It took me a while to realise what the black part of the mask was for, but if you place this correctly, it essentially adds more compression to the underside of your chin.

Chin Up Mask, Review, Jodetopia, Face Mask

Chin Up Mask, Review, Jodetopia, Face Mask

Chin Up Mask, Review, Jodetopia, Face Mask

I’d read a few other reviews prior to trying the mask that warned that it heats up and gets a little uncomfortable. I love warming face masks – the tingling burning sensation gives me so much pleasure haha! Unfortunately, though, I found the heat from this mask a little unbearable. You are meant to wear the mask for 30-40 minutes, but after 20 minutes I decided I couldn’t take the burning anymore. This could be due to the fact I have slightly sensitive skin (or maybe I’m just a wuss?), but anyway – I’ve vowed on my second attempt to try and last the full 30 minutes!

What I’m sure you REALLY want to know is whether or not this actually worked? I measured before and after – you can’t argue with numbers. From under my ear, round my chin, to under the other ear, I started at 21cm. After the mask this was only 19cm! I was surprised that this mask did live up to it’s claim of losing 2cm. I measured and re-measured just to check – I was so shocked!

The area under my chin where the mask had been compressing felt tight and whilst I couldn’t notice a massive change in the mirror, it definitely made me feel a little more confident. When I saw my boyfriend a few hours later, he actually said that my skin and spots around my chin looked reduced – an unexpected result! Unfortunately, you can’t expect the results of this to last for days (even though to be fair, this is never promised). It is, essentially, a great quick fix.

The Chin Up Mask trial pack that I received retails for £29.95, but you can also buy a starter pack, or even buy the slimming band and refills separately – it all depends on how often you’ll use it as to what the best option for you is.
Chin Up Mask, Review, Jodetopia, Face Mask

Overall, I would probably say that this is a good mask for an event – prom, a wedding etc. However it is not a permanent solution and you shouldn’t expect miraculous results – it’s going to need more than a quick chin up mask to suddenly look like Kendall Jenner!

Have you tried Chin Up Mask? Let me know in the comments below!

Jodie x

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