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So, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway on Twitter by Lili Burton in which I was gifted their set of makeup brushes. I was so excited when they messaged me that I won and could not wait for the makeup brushes to land on my doorstep!

Lili Burton London Makeup Brushes Jodetopia

The brushes came in this cute little makeup bag which is perfect for travelling. I often have to take my makeup to and from my boyfriend’s house so it is nice that I now have somewhere to keep my brushes separate from my makeup. The bag is lined, too, so if it got dirty could just be wiped clean.

Lili Burton London Makeup Brushes Jodetopia

I was so impressed with the quantity and quality of brushes I received. First of all, how cute do they look?! I adore the black and white theme – so classy. Each brush also has what it is meant to be used as on the handle. I’m normally the girl that has NO idea what the hell I’m meant to do with a brush and end up using them for completely the wrong thing so it is nice to have a helping hand in figuring out what it’s for!

Lili Burton London Makeup Brushes Jodetopia

In total, I received a brush for the following: powder, blush, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow blender, eyeshadow crease, precise eyeshadow and eyeliner. There was also a beauty sponge and a kabuki brush.

The brushes are all soft, and although they are cheap (I believe they retail at around £10 for the whole set!), they definitely did not look nor feel cheap.

Lili Burton London Makeup Brushes Jodetopia

I thought I’d go through the brushes individually as there are some I love and some that didn’t quite cut it for me.

First up – the foundation brush. I haven’t used a proper foundation brush in years. I used to use one from The Body Shop, but when I discovered the Real Techniques buffing brush, I found that my foundation game went up a whole level. I was willing to give this one a go, though. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’ll be using it again anytime soon. It was creating lines and just seemed to be moving it around my face as opposed to setting it into my face… I’m probably not using it right but whatevs. Not my cuppa tea I’m afraid.

Their powder brush is ok. I prefer a slightly larger brush but I can’t really complain about anything else – it does the job.

I’ve been using the blush brush as a contour brush and again, it does the job nicely.

The concealer brush is great – I don’t actually have a dedicated concealer brush and tend to end up using an eyeshadow brush, so it is nice to have a separate brush for this. It blends the concealer in well and helps cover my blemishes. Result.

Lili Burton London Makeup Brushes Jodetopia

The eyeliner brush is far too big to be used for eyeliner so I am a little confused as to why they have named it as that. I did find it very useful for filling in my eyebrows though, or if you wanted a smaller brush for eyeshadow.

The eyeshadow brushes are what I really wanted to talk to you guys about. They are amazing! It definitely helps having them labelled but I cannot praise them enough. The blender brush is super fluffy and blends so nicely. The precise eyeshadow brush builds up colour really well. The crease brush is just the perfect shape and fluffiness for the crease. Everything you need to create any look – from something simple to a full on smokey eye. I’m in love. New favourite eyeshadow brushes.

The kabuki brush is so soft – I keep shoving it in people’s faces going ‘Look! Feel it! It’s so soft!’, but I was disappointed that the bristles were constantly falling out. Not a great look to have random white stray hairs on my face. It’s fab for buffing and blending out your contour and highlight, though.

I was excited to see that the set included a beauty sponge, too, as I currently only have my FX sponge from my October Glossybox. The sponge works well, smoothing and setting my liquid foundation nicely. I did notice that it seems to soak in a lot of product, though – I’d worry this would waste a lot of foundation! As I’m running out of my go-to Chanel Vitalumiere foundation, I need to be sparing!

Lili Burton London Makeup Brushes Jodetopia
Overall, I was really impressed with these brushes – especially the eyeshadow ones – and can’t express my gratitude enough to Lili Burton for sending them to me!

I would definitely recommend this set of brushes to someone just starting to learn about makeup as it has all of the essentials, or to any makeup fan purely for the great eyeshadow brushes!

Let me know if you’ve heard of Lili Burton before in the comments below! I’d love to hear your makeup brush suggestions, too!

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