Blogger Beauty Box – January 2016

So, in December I decided to sign up for a new beauty subscription box, and went for The Blogger Beauty Box. I absolutely loved the December Box (catch up on my review here if you haven’t already) so I just knew I had to sign up for the January box!

Before I go any further I need to give a massive shoutout to the girl who creates these boxes. Vicky is a blogger herself, and is honestly so down to earth and hilarious. You need to follow her on twitter, too, she’s fab, and her tweets will have you actually ‘loling’ (like full on laughing OUT LOUD). January was a tough month for her personally yet she still did so well to get these boxes out on time and full of amazing treats. Well done Vicky, big love to you!


My first impressions of this box weren’t as great as my December box but my opinion changed as I used the products! I did love that I’ve never tried any of these products – the whole point of beauty subscription boxes for me is to try new things I wouldn’t necessarily normally pick up, so I was so excited that everything in the box was new to me.

This gradual tanning cream is from the brand MooGoo. MooGoo was a brand introduced to me in December’s box. I quickly discovered that I love their brand values, and I feel good about supporting a brand that is good to the environment and for animal welfare. I haven’t actually used this cream yet (mainly because I want to use it when I have more time to have a pamper day and fully exfoliate my whole body first). I’ll keep you guys updated but I definitely think this will be useful for me in summer as I don’t tan very well!


I’ve heard great things about the ‘I love…’ range but never tried any of their products myself. I was initially a bit disappointed at the fact these are shower gels but that is just because I have a whole shelf full of shower gels I haven’t managed to get through yet. As soon as I used them though, I fell in love. They smell amazing. My favourite is definitely the mango and papaya as it is so sweet and quite a strong scent, too. The raspberry and blackberry has a slightly sour scent. I love using them both as bubble baths, too, as the whole bathroom smells delicious! 500ml bottles of these are only £1.49 in Superdrug, so they are definitely amazing value and great if you’re on a budget!


This MUA lipliner is pretty impressive! I don’t have a bright red lipliner, so I’m super happy I received this in my box. It layers up nicely and also has a pretty decent staying power – it lasts all day without bleeding into my skin or anything like that! This lip liner is only £1 – can you actually believe it?! Definitely amazing value for money and super handy that it comes with a sharpener in the lid!


I also received an Anubis Red Fruit Cream. Unfortunately, my skin did not react very well to the Anubis products in the December box, however I have contacted Anubis asking whether or not they think this cream will be suitable for my skin type, and the very helpful lady I spoke to said it should be fine. She was right! It was super hydrating and absorbed into my skin quickly. It also smelled absolutely AMAZING. Like, literally, this is the nicest smelling cream I’ve ever tried. I’m planning on doing a brand focus post on Abubis products as a whole, so keep an eye out for that over the next few weeks!

Overall, in the end this was a really successful box! I have decided that I reaaaaally should get through the products I own, though, rather than continuously getting new products, so I very may well have to skip a couple of months (sorry Vicky!) just to get through everything! I would highly recommend trying this box out yourself if you haven’t already, though!

Have you tried any of these brands? Let me know in the comments below!

Jodie x


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