My 2016 Resolutions: Updating my workwear wardrobe

So, as it is now 2016 (can you believe it?!) I thought I would introduce the next instalment to my mini series: My 2016 Resolutions. I’ve previously touched on my fashion resolutions, and this time, I want to narrow down to one particular part of my wardrobe that needs some serious improvement – my workwear wardrobe.

I work long hours in a reasonably small office, and have definitely found that over the past year I have begun to take less and less care in my appearance at work. This is an awful habit that I really need to snap out of! I often look a bit scruffy and find that I’m re-wearing old blouses from sixth form that reaaaally should have gone in the bin by now! I’m also wearing less and less makeup (which is helping my skin, admittedly) and unfortunately I’m just growing into a bit of a slob.

So, I’m making 2016 the year to really sort my workwear wardrobe out. I need to be more clever in my purchases – rather than impulse buy a pretty blouse, I need to buy some staple items that can be styled in different ways and for different seasons. I don’t want to spend a fortune on my work wardrobe, and I think buying a few good quality, multi-use pieces will enable me to have a classier, more professional wardrobe without having to spend too much.

I discovered a website called Esprit which has a massive variety of good quality and affordable clothes. Upon looking at their website I instantly knew this is where my first workwear shopping spree would come from. Plus, whilst browsing for some lovely new workwear I found a whole page dedicated to Winter Workwear… perfect. Less searching, more clicking ‘add to basket’. What can I say – I’m a lazy online shopper! When I gushed to my boyfriend about this cool new store I found online he looked at me like I was crazy and made me read the label in his shirt – it was Esprit! So, although this shop is news for me, apparently it’s been around for a while and even had a shop in Bluewater a few years ago…where have I been?!

For those of you who are also interested in updating their workwear wardrobe but need to stick to as low a budget as possible (I’m talking Primark and Forever 21 kind of price tags) I’ve also included some cheaper options below – although my experience has definitely been you get what you pay for, and in my attempt to redo my wardrobe I’m looking for as high quality but affordable as I can get.

 That’s enough of me rambling… we all want to look at some pictures of pretty clothes!

Buy more blazers

 Workwear Wardrobe Edit - Esprit - Primark - Tesco F&F - Blazers

1,2,3 – Esprit ; 4,5 – Primark ; 6 – F&F

I’ve slowly began to add to my blazer collection over the past few months. I only ever had a plain black or a grey suit blazer – both of which are great quality and go with any outfit but I do find them a little bit boring. I was inspired to branch out to coloured blazers after another girl in my office was always coming into work with different coloured blazers and they instantly change an outfit! They look smart and also show your personality a lot more than a plain black blazer. My favourite is the pink Esprit blazer above – you can just tell it is going to be amazing quality, and it looks so nicely fitted. There are cheaper options available at Primark, but from my own experience the Primark blazers don’t last long before the colour starts getting dull and the material goes bobbly.

Find some trousers that actually fit me

 Workwear Wardrobe Edit - Esprit - Primark - Tesco F&F - George - Trousers

1, 2, 3 – Esprit ; 4, 5 – George

It’s time for a confession… I don’t own a single pair of work trousers! I know, it’s awful, but I just can never find a pair that fit me – I always find I have to go up a dress size (or two) than my normal clothes size and I find the thought of that unbearable – call me shallow! This year I will find a couple of work trousers that fit me – even if I have to cut out the size label! The trousers above really took my fancy as they are plain, simple and could be styled in different ways. The cropped ones are my favourite as I don’t think they’d cause too much trouble size wise, and I love the navy blue pair, too!

Have more good quality shoe choices

 Workwear Wardrobe Edit - Esprit - Primark - Tesco F&F - Shoes - New Look Boots Loafers

1,2,3,5 – Esprit ; 4,6 – New Look

 As mentioned in my 2016 Resolutions: Fashion post – I’m awful with shoes. I overwear them until they’re scuffed and holey and I really need to invest in more good quality work shoes. I currently only have one pair of burgundy loafers (that are a little past their use by date) and two pairs of black heels – again, one pair really have seen better days! Ideally, I’d like two options of flat shoes, two options for heeled/court shoes and also a smart boot type pair. So, that is my 2016 goal – to have five pairs of good quality shoes that can be well looked after! I need to get out of my habit of reaching for Primark’s £5 pairs of flats – they only last me a couple of weeks when I’m on my feet all the time and just really don’t look great with the sole flapping off at the front!


Put a little more effort in


 Workwear Wardrobe Edit - Esprit - Primark - Tesco F&F - Necklace Jewellery Scarves

All – Esprit

As mentioned, I really want to make a little more effort with my workwear. This can be expressed not only through the clothes I wear but also the accessories that are paired with it, too. They can really make an outfit come together and definitely look like I spent more effort in the mornings – even if I haven’t! My favourite way to accessorise a work outfit is with a printed scarf – I think they look so smart! I also love how they can be used as a cover up – if my shoulders are a little cold but not cold enough for a cardigan, or if my skirt is a little short that day and I need to keep hold of my dignity! I also like wearing a larger statement necklace if my outfit is quite plain and boring. I’m so surprised at how affordable Esprit’s jewellery is – I don’t even need to put some cheaper options in here but you can always pick up reaaaally cheap jewellery at Primark (albeit it normally breaks after a few wears!)

So… what made it onto my wishlist?

At first, I was simply having a browse in an attempt to find inspiration for this mini series. However I’ve actually found so many bits I love from Esprit that my finger has slipped on the ‘add to basket’ button..oops! Then I realised that my bank balance is crying at the moment because of Christmas, so I had to put them all in a wishlist instead. Boo. I’m definitely going to purchase these with my January pay cheque to start completing this resolution! I decided to go with a few of the items mentioned above but I also found a lovely shift dress, a blouse and a gold necklace!

 Workwear Wardrobe Edit - Esprit - Primark - Tesco F&F - Blazers Dress Wishlist Necklace Blouse

So, all in all I am one happy online shopper – I just have to patiently wait for my next pay to come in! What shops are your go-to for workwear? Do you like any of the items above? Let me know in the comments below!

Jodie x

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