Jodie Talks: Why I Sometimes Find Blogging Overwhelming

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This post is a little bit different to my normal posts, but there are a few things I want to explain and share with you – my lovely readers. Some of you may have noticed I‘ve taken a bit of a back step recently in terms of blogging. Most of you probably haven’t noticed. Whilst I know I don’t have to explain, I’ve decided to do a little thought dump for anyone half interested… so here goes.

Blogging is my hobby, not my job

I work full time in the property industry in central London. I get up at 6am, I am on the train at 6:58am and walk through my office door at 8:10am. I finish my day’s work at 6pm, am back sitting on the train at 6:42pm and walk through my front door at 7:30pm…. and this is all only when the trains are actually running on time. No, I’m not complaining – not even in the slightest. I actually thoroughly enjoy my job, and surprisingly enjoy the routine the daily commute gives me and utilise my train time as ‘me time’ – I’ve rediscovered my love for reading due to this commute, and now, reading is something that makes me so happy.

However, all that travelling, and getting home so late in the evening has proved it impossible to keep up to posting 3 times a week as I was previously doing. Showering and eating dinner is obviously a must, and then I have to prioritise between talking to my family members, playing with my pets, relaxing with a movie or tv programme, painting my nails, having a relaxing bath, going to the gym or whatever else it is I would like to do with my time. I like to aim for a bedtime of 9:30pm to ensure I’m well rested, so essentially, I have two hours to get everything done including wash and sleep. For this reason – blogging just has had to take a step back in my priority list.


I have a life, too

Similar to the lack of time as outlined above, as we are nearing the festive season, my weekends are becoming increasingly busy. Last month in particular, I was jam packed – I had a hen do, a wedding, two blogger events and of course catch ups with friends… the list just goes on. I used to barely do anything on my weekends, giving me hours to blog away with ease in my bedroom. Now I’m so busy I actually have to decline social offers – how am I going to find time to blog?!


Deciding where to take my blog

One of the main reasons I ever started my blog was to make me feel happy. So, why does my blog seem to make me feel stressed out a lot recently? One of the things I’ve realised – I’m done with standard product reviews. Yes, some of my past product reviews have been some of my best writing/photography, but I just don’t feel passionate about this anymore. I don’t want my blog to simply be post after post of product reviews. It’s got boring to write – the fun and happiness this was bringing me just isn’t the same anymore.

So, what am I enjoying? I still love writing my subscription box reviewsthe mini product reviews are fun – it’s just the one post per product type of reviews I’m not feeling anymore. I’ve re-ignited my passion for reading over the last few months, and I definitley enjoy writing up book reviews. As for the rest of it? Well, I’m not sure yet. I definitely want to do more lifestyle posts, and I feel like I want to offer something a bit different with my blog, so if you see me trialling out any new sort of posts (like this one, for example!) just stick with me – I’ll find my flow eventually.

Gifted products seem like a chore

As mentioned above, I’ve slowly realised that product review after product review is not how I want my blog to look. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to seem ungrateful, and gifted products are going to be the topic of a whole singular other rambly blog post. But when the product value is extremely low, and the PR/brand reps are chasing me over and over again for a product review of something they’ve sent to me 3 days ago – just chill. No, I don’t want to just list the pros and cons of your product. I want your product to spark inspiration for a blog post. I want to incorporate it into something bigger, something more interesting. I have a life, this is not my full time job, just please bear with me. Let me have the time to use your product with creativity and passion, not bang out a sub standard review just so you can quote me on your website.

So, to answer my question: why do I find blogging overwhelming? It’s because I don’t have time. I feel stressed when I haven’t put a post up and I feel stressed if I have people chasing me. I feel stressed if a sub standard blog post goes up but feel stressed if I don’t have the time to edit it to perfection. Overall, blogging can just be bloody overwhelming, and it’s taken me a year to realise: this isn’t how I want to be and this isn’t how I want to run my blog. All in all, I am still blogging, just… slowly. Give me a few weeks to get back into the flow of things, and hopefully in 2017 Jodetopia will be a little more interesting, a little more regulated and a little more, well, me! 

If you read all of this – thank you. And if you’re a regular reader of my blog – thank you even more so.

Until next time!

Jodie x

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