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Growing up, I never really went to any weddings (well, that I can remember, anyway!). I was of course a bridesmaid for my beautiful sister’s wedding, but that was different as I was a part of the actual wedding.  It was only recently that I got invited to my first wedding as a guest. Of course, I freaked out – what on earth am I supposed to wear!? Does Taylor’s tie match my outfit?! I got thinking about all sorts of bits and bobs to do with weddings and it reminded me of one of the most important elements of a wedding that as a guest normally gets pretty overlooked, but is something that constantly sparks happiness whenever I glance over at my sister’s – the wedding rings.

When it comes to wedding rings, times have definitely changed – now there is quite a variety of choice available and not just the more traditional choice of gold! You can find plenty of blog posts online which have interesting articles about some of the most popular metals that people buy for their wedding rings.

We all definitely tend to have our favourite type of metal for jewellery –  I own much more delicate silver pieces than I do gold, and my rose gold collection is slowly growing. Then, of course, some people have allergies to certain types of metal, so that completely rules out certain metals for them. Plus, you want your wedding ring to match your own personal jewellery collection and you also want something you will love and treasure for the rest of your life!

When I think about metals for jewellery, I normally just think: silver, gold and rose gold. However, there is SO many more options than just these more commonly known metals – I thought I’d share these with you for anyone half interested, as it certainly surprised me! PS how cute is this beautiful picture from my sister’s wedding?! 

Wedding rings, metal, jodetopia, jodie talks, weddings

Traditional Gold

When it comes to wedding rings, you may think that gold is the most popular choice, but you would be wrong. Although gold is a popular choice because of its colour, as well as value, one of the biggest draw backs to it is the softness of the metal (who even know metal can be soft?! This is taking me back to science lessons in school!). When you are wearing a piece of jewellery every day, it will tend to get battered about over time, and gold can often lose its shape over time – this is pretty important to consider if you want your wedding rings to age beautifully and last forever.



One of the most popular metals that people buy for wedding rings is platinum. Unlike gold, platinum is a robust and durable metal and will not lose its shape as easily as gold will. Most platinum rings are around 95% pure, and they have whiteness to them that does not fade or change over time. You can see the finest collection of handmade diamond wedding rings in Sydney, including platinum rings, by taking a look on the many online stores.



Palladium is from the same group of metals as platinum, and it is also a hard and durable metal that does not scratch or lose its shape as easily as gold. Palladium does not tarnish and nor will it need re-plating at all, and when compared to platinum, it has many of the same characteristics, but at a cheaper price. Palladium is a great low maintenance alternative to other metals and it will carry on looking great for many years to come.


White Gold

Gold is mixed with other white metals such as palladium and silver which has many of the same characteristics as platinum. Unlike yellow gold, white gold is strong, and the brilliant white shine that you get from the metal is from the rhodium plating that is used, which is also hypoallergenic. To me, white gold seems like an extremely sensible choice for a wedding ring!



Silver is a less common choice of metal for a wedding ring, but it is very underrated. Silver rings are easy to look after and much stronger than gold and with a bit of a clean now and then, they will stay shining for a long time to come.



If you are looking for wedding rings that are incredibly strong then you can choose titanium rings instead of traditional metals. Titanium is silverish in colour but has a darker tone to it when compared with platinum or silver.

Of course, there are plenty of other materials that are also used in wedding rings, but I would be here forever if I researched and wrote about every single one, so these are just some of the more popular choices. If any of my beautiful readers are newly engaged or nearing the time in which they need to choose their wedding rings – remember, when you choose your wedding rings, it is REALLY important to choose practically and decide on a metal that is going to look great for a long time, without having to do much maintenance. Because, let’s be honest, who can be bothered to take their jewellery for frequent cleans and polishing at the jewellers?!

I know this post was a little different to normal, but as explained in my recent post – I’m trying out some different things. When random thoughts and ideas pop into my head – I’m gonna write about them!

Anyway…. what is your favourite type of metal for jewellery? If you’re married – what type of metal did you choose? If you’re not married – what metal do you think you will choose? Let me know in the comments below – I’m so intrigued!


Jodie x

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