Jodie Talks: What’s Your Prom Dress Style?

As I was going through my wardrobe the other day in an attempt to throw out anything I never wear, I came across my old prom dress. As much as I loved it at the time, it definitely wouldn’t be my choice of dress nowadays. Every girl wants to look her best at prom so, although it’s not prom season, I thought I’d do another random rambly post in my Jodie Talks series to share some of my tips on how to find the perfect prom dress. I wish someone had given me this advice when I was choosing mine!

First of all, I cannot stress how important it is to look for a dress that suits your body shape. Through this, you’ll be confident that your assets will be showcased to their best. A dress that looks amazing on an hourglass figure probably won’t flatter a pear shaped woman – this is just something we as women need to learn to accept!

Searching for the perfect dress can be very overwhelming because of the number of possible options available – there are so many phrases chucked around to describe them! So, I thought I’d run through all of the different prom dress styles that you will probably come across in your search. Just because it’s not prom season right now doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about your perfect dress – you can never be too prepared!

A-Line Prom Dresses and Ballroom Gowns

The A-Line prom dress is popularly known as the “princess dress,” because it flares out to the hemline, while it gets narrow near the waist. On the other hand, the ballroom gown is a type of dress that has a very large skirt which billows out from the waist to the ankles, or mid-calf if shorter. Both dresses form an “A” shape because it fits the body from top to bottom.

Chiffon Prom Dress (High-Low, Lace Covered)

The high-low dress often zigzags vertically at the hemline. This makes the dress short in some parts and long in others. This is perfect for those who have a perfect figure because it clings perfectly to the body, that everything becomes visible, or noticeable. As for the lace-covered satin dress, it can be made of satin-line material or satin with a lace as its top layer.

This is one of the prom dresses that look really elegant when worn, but can also be a disaster if it’s not properly made. Thus, it’s very important to check out the reviews about the store before buying this kind of dress.

Baby Doll Gown

Baby doll gowns are perfect for those who are looking for a short dress that’s also cute. Usually, this type of gown is sewn in a way where it usually fits at the top, then flows at the bottom, and has a high waistline.

It mimics a “baby dress” look because it usually has a tied ribbon or belt around the stomach area. Peaches Boutique has unique prom dresses and they also offer a wide range of baby doll gowns for you to choose from.

Halter Prom Dress

Just like its name, a halter prom dress resembles a halter top, but made into a dress. However, unlike other dresses it’s usually shorter as its length is often just above the knees. It looks a little similar to the high-low dress at the hemline.

Golden Glamour Dress

Lately, “Hollywood” inspired prom dresses are one of the top choices. A golden glamour prom dress is usually shiny and the styles are similar with the dresses worn in Hollywood.

Fitted Prom Dress

For those who are looking for a more fitted dress that creates shape, then you should opt for a prom dress with an asymmetric neckline, empire waist, and a thigh high slit. A dress with slight side cutouts usually gives an illusion of curves to the wearer. Likewise, it’s also advisable to stay away from prom dresses that have too much fabric, because this kind of dress usually ‘drowns’ the body.

Final Words

To ensure that you look best during this special night, it’s very important to look for a prom dress that matches your figure. The styles discussed above are just some of the dresses that you can consider – there are a ton out there and different shops will often call them by different names. Be sure of the style and length you want to go for and then try things on and just see what you feel confident in! Remember – this is YOUR night, you want to feel special!

Whats your ‘go-to’ prom or evening dress style? Let me know in the comments below!

Jodie x

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