My 2016 Resolutions: Fashion

So, with 2016 rapidly approaching, I think it’s time we talk about something I really need to invest more effort, money and class into: my wardrobe.

I’m often a bit scruffy. I often wear clothes that might be that little bit too tight just so I don’t have to buy something new. When I do buy something new, I then completely overwear it and essentially kill it to the point where I don’t really like it anymore. I need to change my ways, and 2016 will be my best fashion year!

When Farfetch got in touch with me and asked me if I wanted to enter a competition by posting about my fashion inspirations for the new year, this put a great idea into my head for a mini series all about the different New Year’s resolutions I’m going to set myself. With this in mind, I thought I’d kick off my 2016 Resolution mini series with fashion. What do I want to achieve with my fashion choices and wardrobe next year?

Be more confident

I often look at styles and think ‘this would look amazing!’ but then shy away into my shell. I really want to be more confident in myself and my body and wear what I want to wear! A perfect example of this is the whole lingerie as day wear trend – I have some lovely lace pieces and now I just need the confidence to wear them! We’ve seen it on runways in 2015 and that isn’t stopping now – the trend has carried on right into the Spring 2016 runways, too. Style a cute lace bra with a boyfriend shirt or baggy white tee, or take it to the next level with a slip and a long blazer or chunky cardigan!

Farfetch Jodetopia Lingerie Bra Blouse


Wear more colour

My whole wardrobe pretty much consists of black clothing. It’s like an obsession. I’m just instantly drawn to anything black! I really want to try and get some statement block colour pieces in my wardrobe this year which will inject a little bit of fun into my life. I’m more for outfits with a pop of colour, rather than the whole rainbow in one. Orange is set to be back on the scene in 2016, and you can never go wrong with mustards, hot pinks and greens, too!

Farfetch Jodetopia colour blouse trousers dress skirt


Buy more shoes

I’m awful with shoes. I love shoes. However, I hardly ever buy new ones! I wear the ones I do have into the ground until they have holes and it is just so awful! It really makes me look scruffy and it is such a bad habit! So, this year, I want to invest in a few good pairs of high quality shoes that can be worn night and day. I’m very much a black shoe kind of girl – they go with anything!

Farfetch Jodetopia shoes heels trainers loafers


Wear more jewellery

I don’t have much jewellery. I’ve always preferred to spend £20 on an item of clothing than on a piece of jewellery. I always envy people who are covered in gorgeous pieces and I definitely need to snap out of my bad habit and just buy some more! I’m definitely a fan of dainty jewellery at the moment as opposed to large statement pieces.

Farfetch Jodetopia  jewellery necklace bracelet ring earring


Add a little more sparkle

As mentioned, my wardrobe is pretty black. Sequins and sparkle were all over Spring 2016 runways and I recently made a discovery after being told to wear ‘sparkles’ to a Christmas ladies meal that in fact – I don’t own anything sparkly! How this has happened I have no idea, but I am desperate to add some sparkle into my life!

Farfetch Jodetopia  sequins sparkle glitter top dress blouse


So, there you have it – my 2016 fashion resolutions! As you can tell from the items I’ve picked out above, Farfetch has a massive range of labels (from over 300 independent boutiques, in fact!) all in one place on the internet – making it super easy to scroll through and find bits you like!

What are your fashion resolutions for 2016? Let me know in the comments below!

Jodie x


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