How to get out of a Rut

So, for those of you who have noticed (probably very few of you…) I took a bit of a blogging break in February. I had a lot going on and needed a break, but the good news is – I’m back!

I got myself in a bit of a rut the past few weeks and the longer I had stopped blogging, the harder it seemed to get back into it. I thought I’d do a quick post of how to get yourself out of a rut when you find yourself in one. It’s easy to get caught up in negatives and find yourself in a position that you’re not sure how to get out of, but it’s never as bad as it thinks. Here’s my tips on how to get back to reality…

Take a break

Okay so I know I’m meant to be writing about how to get OUT of the break, but the main thing to do here is listen to your body. If your mind is telling you that you’re stressed, or you need a break – take a break. Take the time to chill and relax and listen to your body. When you feel ready to tackle that essay or get out of bed or go to the job centre, you can. Sometimes rest and rejuvenation honestly is the best thing for your body.


No matter how big or small your worries, support will always help. Talk to a friend, family member, partner or person of authority about how you’re feeling. Often just having someone to listen takes any stresses off of your shoulders and you will instantly feel more relieved and ready to get on with the task you were dreading.

Small steps

If you’ve dug yourself in a bit of a hole, it might seem like you need to climb over a mountain to get back on track, but it’s okay to take it in small steps. Whether its a paragraph a day on an essay or just getting out of bed every morning, every step is a step in the right direction and is an achievement in itself.

Write things down

Make to do lists. Scribble any stress and frustrations in a notebook. Keep a journal. Get it out of your head and onto paper, where it is so much easier to comprehend and organise. Make an action plan on how to get back on track and make sure it is realistic and achievable.

Don’t over do it

Don’t try and jump into anything with two feet, and full of confidence and excitement if in your heart that isn’t how you truly feel. Trust your instincts and take things slowly if you need to. Don’t fatigue yourself, don’t stress yourself out, just remember you are on the road back to reality.

The most important thing to remember? YOU WILL GET THERE EVENTUALLY! You will finish that essay, you will get out of bed tomorrow and you will get a job interview. It will get better, just keep your head up and keep plodding along!


Lots of love

Jodie x

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