My 2016 Resolutions: Life

So, welcome to my penultimate 2016 resolutions post! If you’ve missed my previous posts on what I hope to do in 2016 to my wardrobe and to my blog, go and check them out first!

Also – WELCOME TO 2016!!! Cray.

Now it’s onto the serious stuff: what life goals do I want to give myself for this year?!

I really thought long and hard about these goals. They need to be achievable. Cutting out ALL chocolate just isn’t going to happen. Nor is going to the gym 5 times a week or cleaning my makeup brushes twice a week. I need to be realistic and I need to come up with strategies that will actually help me reach my goals!


Without further ado, bring on da resolutions (Oh god, what have I done?!) P.S – thank you to my amazing sister Emma for letting me use the above photo – how amazing is her Kate Spade 2016 planner?!


  1. Slim down and tone up

Obligatory lose weight goal is going first not because it’s the most important, but to get it out of the way! I want to lose some weight. I used to be tiny, then I discovered money and the fact money buys amazing food and BAM 4 stone later here I am. I’m not large whatsoever and I’m glad I’ve finally got ‘womanly curves’ but I do want to lose a little bit of weight so I can then focus on toning and strength building. This girl wants abs!!!! How am I going to do it I hear you cry? Food plan: Monday-Friday:  3 meals a day, healthy snacks ONLY. Weekends: more relaxed and cheat days are allowed (I would like to remind you I’m going for REALISTIC. I like nachos.) Exercise plan: one morning swim a week, one spin or HIIT class a week, one strength/toning based gym session a week. Yoga every other week or once a month – I’m not sure on that one yet (yoga at my gym is 1 1/2 hrs on a Tuesday night and sometimes I just CBA for that long of a class)

2. Focus more on my mental wellbeing

This ties in nicely to my above goals of eating better and exercising more, as I’ve always found my mental wellbeing masively improves when my diet is good and I’m exercising regularly. I’ve not been my usual happy self the past few months, and I really need to focus on getting back to a happy, healthy me. Again – how do I plan on doing this? Well, my boyfriend amazingly got me a Lumie Bodyclock for Christmas so I’m hoping that will help send me to sleep and wake me up in the mornings, instantly increasing my mood. I’m going to spend more time doing relaxing activities that I find help – reading a book, having a pamper session or colouring in my Millie Marotta books. I also need to focus on leaving any stress caused by work/family/friends etc behind – they don’t need to be stressed over of an evening.

3. Save more money

For those of you who don’t know me personally – I’m amazingly good at saving. Yeah, I like to buy myself and others around me nice things but I’m also awesome at self sacrificing and putting away half of my salary a month if necessary and not allowing myself to buy new things. I reached my yearly saving goal for 2015 in September so have spent the past few months buying willy nilly (oops!). My goal for 2016 is to get back to spending sensibly and double my current savings. I know I can do it because I saved a ridiculous amount last year. You will probably see a lot of blog posts about money saving tips as it is something I’m good at that I can share with you guys!

4. Do more exciting things

I’m a bit of a loser, and you know what – I’m ok with that. I like the fact I’m 20 and I knit and I prefer a night in to a night out. But, that being said, when I do decide to venture out I end up doing the same thing. Dinner. Cinema. Pub. Zzzzzz. So, my goal for 2016 is to do more things! Do something different! To make sure I stick to this, myself and my boyfriend have decided to a monthly date night. But nope, not dinner – it has to be an unusual activity of some sort. I’ve already got some ideas of things I’d like to do that won’t break the bank. I’ll keep you guys updated!

Okay so, I think that’s me done. I think they’re the only things I want to seriously improve in my life. Whilst thinking of these oh so serious goals though, my mind did drift off to the smaller things in life that I really need to ensure are left in 2015…

  1. Stop picking my nail varnish off
  2. Clean those makeup brushes every once in a while! (think of the gross bacteria you’re putting on your face, Jodie!!)
  3. Get my hair cut more than twice a year (I actually just text my hairdresser so I think I’ll do OK with this one)
  4. Sell those size 6 clothes… I’m not going to get back into them and all they’re doing is lowering my self esteem!
  5. Get a better makeup storage solution than just boxes on my floor in front of my mirror
  6. Actually remember to floss every now and then!
  7. Get better at replying to texts (If I don’t reply for a few days it’s honestly just because I’m super busy/lazy – I’m not being rude!)
  8. Stop wearing hairbands round my wrist. I read an article that some ladies hand nearly had to be amputated from an infection from minuscule scratches on her skin from them. I’m typing this with a hairband on my wrist but it’s still 2015 as I type so its OK.

Ok. I think I’m done. Happy 2016 everyone!

Let me know what your 2016 goals are (serious or small!) in the comments below!

Jodie x


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