#VeganJodetopia Update!

So, for those of you who weren’t aware, in February I challenged myself to change my diet to a vegan diet. As I took a bit of a blogging break in February, I’ll be posting my updates weekly from now on. So, welcome to my week 2 update!

If you’ve missed my introduction and week one update, you can catch up over on Vertese!

This week, I’ve had to eat out a couple of times, so have experimented with different restaurants. After having a quick browse on the Veganuary website to see which places offered the most vegan food, I decided on Wahaca for myself and my partner, and I also went to Yo Sushi! later in the week. I was really worried that asking for a vegan menu or allergen chart would be embarrassing but it is the complete opposite – the waiters at both restaurants have been SO lovely and helpful!


At Wahaca, we had a Vegan Burrito from their Vegan menu (Rice, avocado, sweet potato and black beans, yummy!), chilli and onion quesadilla (with no cheese etc), nachos with tomato salsa and some more rice and black beans. It was all so yummy and I really didn’t even miss all the cheese much. The waitress was really helpful, pointing out food we could have and also taking off the cheese from the rice when we forgot to ask for it without cheese. I would highly recommend Wahaca (who doesn’t like Mexican food?!) there are so many options on the menu that you can just play around with to make your perfect meal.

Yo Sushi!

Yo Sushi! also had a great range of choice. The waiter gave me a big red folder full of different menus for different dietary needs, and I had absolutely no problem picking out quite a few dishes! Unfortunately I was too focused on eating the food that I completely forgot to take photos – oops!

Who can you turn to for advice?

Eating out isn’t the only time that I need help with food choices now, though. I’ve turned into a massive label reader, and sometimes it all gets a bit confusing. If you don’t come from a vegan family (like myself) you may feel as though you haven’t got a support system, or you just might not have answers to your questions. Even the simple things – Whats tofu? Whats soya milk actually made from? How do I make sure I’m getting enough iron? Yeah, we can turn to Google (praise the lord for Google), but most of the time I find that Google confuses me even MORE with conflicting advice (like when it tells you that your headache is brain cancer).

Luckily enough for me, I’ve had the lovely human beings over at Vertese to turn to. Vertese offer support to those following a vegan, vegetarian or free-from diet, concentrating on good wellbeing and nutrition. They also have a range of vegan friendly supplements, which can be taken alongside a healthy diet to maximise your health and make sure you’re not missing out on any vitamins you might need.

Vertese Jodetopia #VeganJodetopia

First up, I just want to clarify that they are REAL human beings, no chat rooms where you’re obviously talking to a robot and no automated telephone lady. Real people that will respond with PERSONAL advice. It is a fully judgemental free zone where you can talk about your period and your moodswings and your bloated belly (I’m talking from experience here).

As well as providing me with a supplement plan, drawn up into an easy to read timetable, Vertese have also helped me with general queries, meal plans and little tips and tricks, too. They are an email, tweet, or phonecall away and so easily accesible, that I honestly do feel like I have someone to hold my hand in this new journey.

Vertese are helping me explore ways of being healthier, more energised and maybe even drop a few pounds, and it is great to have professional advice from nutritionists at your fingertips, which is tailor made to you.

That’s all from me in this update, but keep an eye out to for my next update soon!

Jodie x

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