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So, I’m normally a bit of a snob when it comes to skincare and beauty and since reading other people’s posts about cheaper products, I’ve realised I’ve been oh so wrong to walk past the more ‘budget’ brands.

Take Dove, for example. A well known brand, however I have always assumed as it is affordable, it wouldn’t be any good. I wish I’d known years ago that this just isn’t true. I’ve learnt a massive life lesson: don’t assume something’s quality due to it’s price.

Dove Body Wash Cream Bath Soap Silky Pamper Body Cream Jodetopia

I was kindly gifted a Dove gift set for Christmas, which included so many goodies that I was excited to try. Inside the set there was body cream, shea butter bar, two different body washes, cream bath, a shower puff and an eye mask.

First up, I love how the set provides everything you need for a relaxing pamper day – and that is exactly what I did to test everything out!

Start off by running a lovely warm bath, pouring the cream bath in to create lots of bubbles. It created so many bubbles – many more than I was expecting. I love a good bubble bath!

You then have three choices in terms of cleaning your skin – the two different body washes and the beauty cream bar. At first, I was a little confused by the bar, but once I opened it I realised it is basically just a bar of soap with a fancy name. Whilst I haven’t used traditional soap in what seems like forever, I was willing to give it a go. I was certainly not disappointed – it lathered up really well on my skin and left my arms and legs feeling SO soft! Normally if I wash my hands with a bar of soap they are left feeling dry however this is really hydrating.

The two body washes are also great – they leave my skin nice and soft also. If I missed out on moisturising afterwards, I don’t think it would matter! Pair the washes – and soap – with the shower puff provided and your skin feels truly pampered.

Dove Body Wash Cream Bath Soap Silky Pamper Body Cream Jodetopia

The silky body cream is definitely my favourite of them all, though. You don’t need to use a lot for full body coverage, and really does leave your skin feeling soft and healthy. It’s actually become my new favourite post bath moisturiser – I can’t believe it is something I would never have even considered picking up before.

The set did come with an eye mask, too. Great for a pamper evening!

The set is actually in Boot’s 50% off sale as I type this and is now only £7.50!

Let me know what ‘budget’ brands you’d recommend in the comments below!

Jodie x

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