Glossybox – October 2015

So, I’ve finally had some peace and quiet to sit down and type up my review of the October Glossybox and what can I say – I am very impressed! Although I’ve been getting slightly annoyed at the number of lip products I’ve been receiving, the other products in this month’s blog massively make up for that.

Introducing: Glossybox October 2015 – Autumn Spell




Photo-Hydra Day by Talika


This gel like moisturiser is surprisingly hydrating. It absorbs into my skin really quickly and doesn’t leave any product on the surface – a sign i’ve learnt over the years normally means it won’t hydrate my skin for very long. However, this keeps my skin nicely hydrated and very soft for the whole day. The bottle states it is the ‘1st cream to use energy from natural light to…moisturise’. When I first read this I was very intrigued, but turns out that Talika have created an amino acid they’ve named ‘Hydra Photo-Beauty’ which recreates the effects of natural light on your skin. Fancy! It apparently boosts your intra-cellular hydration and includes Vitamin A, C and E. I’m not completely sure if its just science lingo to lure customers in, but it seems to do what it says on the bottle!

Overall view: Love it! Works well as a day to day moisturiser beneath makeup.
Full size price: £30.00 for 30ml

Haute Light Highlighting Pencil by So Susan

I love a good highlighter and this hasn’t disappointed. I’ve been using it predominantly under my eyes, beneath my eyebrow and along the top of my nose. Its smooth and creamy and can be a gentle highlight or built up as much as you like. It’s versatile, it fits nicely in your handbag and has cute packaging! Only downside is I’ve yet to buy myself a makeup pencil sharpener for this sort of sized pencil, as it is larger than your standard sized pencil sharpener – I would prefer it if it twisted up as opposed to having to sharpen it. 

Overall view: Quick and easy highlighter, can also be used as an eyeshadow base.
Full size price: £14.95 

Airbrush Blending Sponge by Nicka K



Okay so I am reaaaally late to jump on this bandwagon. I don’t really wear full on liquid foundation much, nor do I tend to wear much concealer, so I don’t have a massive use for these beauty blending sponges. I was really excited to see one in my Glossybox though as it meant I could give one a go! I wasn’t disappointed – it blends my foundation in really nicely – doesn’t leave any streaks/stroke lines I sometimes get with a brush if I’m in a rush, but also doesn’t feel like I’m really pushing the foundation into my pores like it feels if I use my fingers. The funny shape of this sponge means you can get into edges well – like around your nose. My only worry is that I would get through these quite quickly – although you wash it after every use, I can’t help but worry about the germs inside the sponge. I’d need to replace this on a regular basis to ensure I was feeling clean, but it’s a little pricey to continuously buy new ones.
Overall view: Worked nicely but wouldn’t use on a daily basis.
Full size price: $5.99
Lip Ointment with Colour SPF15 Rhubarb by Lanolips




Okay so Glossybox are definitely loving the sciency products this month! This lip ointment contains lanolin – something I’d never heard of before. A quick read on the lanolips website and I’ve learned that lanolin is a 100% natural, pure product collected from sheep’s wool which is super moisturising and is so safe you can put it on a newborn’s lips! I fell in love instantly, and the colour is soft yet gives a nice little pop of colour to make you look healthy.
Overall view: Good hydration and gentle colour – perfect for cold days!
Full size price: £7.99 for 12.5g
Play Paint by Jelly Pong Pong



I absolutely love the Jelly Pong Pong branding and packaging – it’s always so fun and playful! This creamy tint can be used on both lips and cheeks – a good pick for someone on a budget as it does 2 jobs in one. It smells lovely – really reminds me of those grape smelly gel pens from primary school! The colour is quite a deep red/pink, so you definitely only need a tiny dab on your cheeks (and I really do mean tiny). The staying power of this is brilliant though – it lasts absolutely hours and still looks the exact same as it did when you first put it on.
Overall view: Wouldn’t use it on my cheeks but is nice as a lip tint.
Full size price: £8.95 for 10ml
Overall, I had another very successful Glossybox. I am continuously amazed at the high quality brands and I really feel like Glossybox are upping their game recently with the amount of full size products.
Until next month,
Jodie x
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