Glossybox – September 2015

So, this is embarrassingly late, but I really want to talk about some of the products, so it’s going up… a month late. Sorry – BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!


Anyway, lets get started… Glossybox September 2015 – The Style Edition.

I just LOVE the box design. They’re getting prettier each month and I am running out of shelf space to display them! Turquoise shredding = definitely going to have to be re-used for someone’s birthday!

Eyeshadow Brush Pro by Marsk

I love getting makeup brushes in my Glossybox, as I never ever buy my own. I think the last time I bought makeup brushes was over 2 years ago! Thats awful. Anyway – I was so excited to try the brush and wasn’t disappointed with the application of products. The brush is quite wide, meaning you can build up colour well and the bristles are thin at the top so you can also create good lines and flicks – two in one! The bristles feel overly synthetic to me – now I don’t have a problem with synthetic brushes, however this brush kind of reminds me of those really cheap nasty hair extensions you get when you’re like fourteen. Ew. I also am not a fan of black makeup brushes as you can’t tell when they’re clean!

Overall view: Bristles could be softer, but overall a good versatile eyeshadow brush.
Full size price: £16.70

Whesek Shimmer Powder by Bellápierre

This eyeshadow is absolutely perfect for a smokey eye. I love that it is grey with almost a subtle undertone of blue in the right light – it gives the colour more depth and is great for building up a stronger colour. I’m not massive on shimmer eyeshadows and I normally prefer the darker tones within a look to be matte, however this shimmer isn’t too overpowering, making it a nice alternative to glam up a look.

Overall view: I wouldn’t purchase it, but it’s a lovely little addition to my eyeshadow collection
Full size price: £12.99 for 2.35g

Luminous Colour Hair Masque by Maria Nila

Okay so first of all – this stuff smells amaaaazing. That’s down to the pomegranate extract, and to be honest I would buy this just for the smell! Smell aside, the product works really well! You only need a really small amount of the product and it goes a really long way on your hair. I’ve been working it into the ends up to just before my scalp, and it has done everything you want a deep conditioner to do – it calms frizz as well as leaving my hair silky smooth if I dry my hair naturally OR with a hair dryer!

Overall view: Everything you need in an at home hair treatment.
Full size price: £18.95 for 250ml

Traceless Hair Ring by Invisibobble

Okay so I’m not going to lie, before I received these I saw a cashier at a supermarket tying her hair up with one of these and I thought ‘why on EARTH is she tying her hair up with a phone cord?!’ Little did I know, these beauties are so kind to your hair. They might not look the prettiest, but they don’t tug or tear at your hair, yet keep your ponytail just in place. The biggest thing for me however – no kink! Meaning I can switch hair up to hair down multiple times in a day without an ugly wave in my hair. I feel like these will seriously revolutionise hair – I just need to learn more on how to make them invisible in your hairstyle.

Overall view: Love them – wish they did different sizes!
Full size price: £4 for 3 hairbands

Battersea Park by Nails Inc

Ok so I don’t normally like getting nail polishes in my Glossybox. I purchased a gel nail set a while ago and since discovering that if I spend a little longer doing my nails with gels I can get weeks of extra staying power, I haven’t really painted my nails much. Nevertheless, I love the colour of this nail polish, so I’ll let Glossybox get away with it. It is such a lovely dark shade of green – perfect for the colder months! It glides on nicely as well. I do however find that contrary to what I seem to hear from other people, the Nail Inc polishes tend to chip fairly easily considering they are on the pricier side of nail polishes available.

Overall view: Love the colour but wish it lasted longer without chipping
Full size price: £11 for 10ml

Overall, the September 2015 Glossybox has been a lovely treat. With 5 full size products to add to my collection, I can’t really complain. This month’s was definitely one of the best boxes in the past few months – 8/10.
Jodie x

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