I Won a Giveaway!

So, a while back I was lucky enough to win a giveaway over on Louise’s blog. First of all – a massive thank you to Louise for hosting the giveaway and also being so speedy in sending out my prize!

I received a Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal palette and a Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter! Perfect prize for me as I recently discovered Makeup revolution as a brand and love all of their makeup so much! And, it is SO affordable!

Jodetopia Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette Baked Highlighter Review

The Ultra Cover and Conceal palette has become an absolute staple in my makeup routine. There are multiple colours of creamy concealer, meaning this palette will suit a large range of skin tones. My favourite colours have been the lightest ones, as I am so pale. You get a good amount of product, however I have found that if I use a beauty blender straight from the palette, a lot of product gets wasted, so it is best to apply the product with a small brush and then blend in with a beauty blender.

I’m really impressed with the staying power of the concealer – it will last pretty much all day, which is good for me during large breakouts!

I’ve also discovered this palette’s secret hidden power – contouring. The darker shades are brilliant – I’ve wanted a cream contour palette for a while so  it is great to now have a palette that will conceal and contour. I’ve often used this palette solely and managed to make my skin look absolutely flawless because of all the different shades.

I cannot recommend this palette enough and would highly suggest that everyone goes and gives it a purchase!

Jodetopia Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette Baked Highlighter Review

The highlighter is gorgeous! How pretty does it look?! It really reminds me of waves in the ocean and it makes me so happy that it isn’t just boring and flat – I like a bit of texture!

The colour itself is beautiful, it is so shimmery and pigmented. The only problem with that is it is very easy to overdo it! I use my large Makeup Revolution brush to apply the product on my cheekbones, forehead and nose, let it rest for a few minutes, and then use the same brush to dust off any excess. If I’m still feeling a little TOO gold, I’ll put some matte powder over the top to calm it down a little.

Jodetopia Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette Baked Highlighter Review

Overall, I am so chuffed with these two little goodies which have become some of my favourites in my makeup collection. A big thank you once again to Louise for hosting the giveaway and sending me these! They were also so well packaged up which was great to see.

Have you ever tried these products? What is your go-to concealer and highlighter? Let me know in the comments below!

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Jodie x

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