Makeup Revolution Haul!

So, having read numerous great things about Makeup Revolution, I decided to buy some bits and bobs on Black Friday. They were offering some palettes and gift sets on sale, as well as having an offer in which you received a free gift when you spent £30. I just couldn’t resist!

Jodetopia Makeup Revolution

I actually only ordered four things – A blusher gift set, eyebrow & eyeliner gift set, 32 Beyond Flawless eyeshadow palette and Golden Sugar blush/contour palette. All of the other things in the above picture were sent to me for free as my Black Friday Gift! I have never known a makeup brand to be so giving!

I have absolutely loved trying all this new makeup out and overall am so thrilled with my purchase! I was however, struggling to decide how best to write about the makeup. One single haul post would have been too long, and I didn’t really want to break it up into parts as that would be far too boring and repetitive for my liking!

I finally (after ages of going back and forth with myself) decided in my first post to concentrate on the blush palettes – I don’t have many blushers at all and they really aren’t something I tend to purchase, so couldn’t really see them being mentioned elsewhere on my blog. All of the other bits and bobs in the photo above – well, you’ll just have to hang tight for posts of them!
Jodetopia makeup revolution cream blusher
 Jodetopia makeup revolution cream blusher

Lets talk about this new addition to my life: cream blushers. Yes, I know, I’m late to join in but I honestly rarely use blusher – I normally put too much on and end up looking like a china doll! This palette – ‘All About Cream’ – has changed my life, though! The colours are all so pigmented and amazingly creamy so they really pat in well, as well as staying put all day or night. My only advice would be to use the product sparingly – as they are quite strong colours it is easy to put too much on! My technique is to pat the product onto the tops of my cheeks, and then use my beauty blender sponge to continue patting it on until I have the look I want to achieve. The colours all give me a lovely glow, however my favourites have so far been 1, 5 and 8 – the deeper, darker colours. I haven’t quite mastered the art of the bright pinks yet!

On a side note – I’ve also found that they can be used as a very gentle lip tint!

Jodetopia makeup revolution blusher Jodetopia makeup revolution cream blusher

These good old powdered blushers from the Ultra Professional Blush & Highlight Expert gift set are also surprisingly pigmented for their price – I’ve only swatched the colours twice on my hand. I was slightly disappointed that the colours are very similar to the cream blush colours, but they are different in finish. I find that the powders give a lighter finish, however don’t seem to last all day. My favourites are 1, 5 and 7 – the lighter colours, however again I’m steering clear of the really bright pinks!

I am so pleased with both blush palettes and as I don’t have much of a blush collection it is amazing to now have so much choice. The creams work so well on a dewy, contoured, full coverage look whereas the powders are great for a matt, light coverage look where I just want a little flush of colour. The cases are also SO sturdy and the large mirror in the cream palette is a great addition and just so much better than I expected for the price.

I can’t wait to try out more of the products I received in my haul! Have you tried Makeup Revolution before? What are your go-to blushers? Let me know in the comments below!


Jodie x


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