The Blogger Beauty Box – December 2015

So, I’ve been considering getting another monthly box other than my usual Glossybox for a while now – I love my Glossybox however 5 products a month just hasn’t been cutting it for me – I want more! I’ve considered so many different ones – Birchbox, My Little Box, The PMS Box…. none of them have really jumped out on me. That’s when I saw a RT on twitter of the Blogger Beauty Box. 

I’m all for supporting small businesses and I love how this box is a box for bloggers, by a blogger! I was so excited when the parcel arrived– the box was HUGE!

Blogger Beauty Box Jodetopia Blogger Beauty Box Jodetopia

Inside, I was so thrilled to find seven products – I only normally receive 5 in my Glossybox, so that was great having so many. I was also really impressed with the products themselves – these weren’t small samples but large, full sized products! The box was also really nicely packed with some pink tissue paper, which was a lovely touch.

 Blogger Beauty Box Jodetopia Seascape soothe body butter lavender

The first thing I reached in for was the Seascape Soothe Body Butter. It was in such a large box and I am just so impressed at the size of the product. When I opened the box I instantly could smell the lavender – it was such a lovely scent! The lid has such a pretty flower on the top. The body butter itself was quite solid and tough to get out of the tub at first, however this could just be because my bedroom is quite cold! It rubs in nicely and does make my legs feel well hydrated and smooth. Upon reading more about the product, I learned that it is also meant to be good at improving stretch marks and other skin damages. 

Blogger Beauty Box Jodetopia House of holland press on nails elegant touch house of ho ho ho nail guards

When I first picked up the Elegant Touch Nail Guards, I was a little disappointed. I don’t wear press on nails and was worried I wasn’t going to find any use for them. Then I read that they can go on first before glitter, to make the glitter peel off easily – brilliant! Perfect for the festive season coming up, and no one enjoys removing glitter nail polish. I then realised that there were Elegant Touch Press on Nails inside the box – then it clicked as to why nail guards were present, too! I’m so excited to try these press on nails – they look so perfect for Christmas! I love how there are some blue and some white nails so you can create different designs.

Blogger Beauty Box Jodetopia moogoo bronzer

I was intrigued by the canvas MooGoo bag – I’d never heard of MooGoo and the little picture of cows was adorable! When I opened the bag, I was surprised to find a natural mineral bronzer – I wasn’t expecting there to be makeup inside! The packaging and branding is perfect and the actual case is of very high quality. The bronzer itself is lovely – it has a very, very subtle shimmer/shine to it but is such a good shade for contouring. You only need a small amount to create a sunkissed bronzed glow or a structured contour.  I’m very impressed and love the qualities of this brand – natural and gentle products are my type of products!

Blogger Beauty Box Jodetopia Acuregen lavender body oil

The Lavender Body Oil intrigued me – I loved how there were bits of lavender floating around in the oil and I really loved how having multiple lavender products really brought the box together. I first used this oil by pumping 10 drops into my bath and all I can say is wow. It was amazing! Your skin instantly feels so soft and hydrated and after I’d got out my bath my legs felt as soft as they did whilst I was in the bath! I also tried using the oil on it’s own after a shower which gave more of an intense result – perfect for when your skin really needs some TLC. It doesn’t leave you sticky afterwards, either. This was my favourite product in the box and I cannot recommend this enough.  

Blogger Beauty Box Jodetopia Anubis gold mask pearl and caviar peeling

The little silver and gold boxes were very eye-catching and I was amazed to read they have ingredients of caviar and pearls – how very posh! Upon trying them both out, I don’t think they are really suited to my skin type. First of all, the silver caviar and pearl peeling burnt on my face. Now, I like skincare that tingles gently as it feels like it’s doing something but this hurt to the point I was gritting my teeth! It did calm down but I didn’t leave it on for the full time required as I was worried I was reacting to it. When I took the peeling off, I did find raised bumps all over my face – I’m not quite sure if I used the product incorrectly or if it is just not suitable to my skin type, but all I can say is definitely patch test this one to make sure it is suitable for your skin! The peeling also left me rather shiny. Like, literally, I have never had a more shiny forehead in my life. The gold mask didn’t burn but it also didn’t give me any ‘wow’ results – my skin was smoother and softer (which is definitely a positive!) but I couldn’t see any visual improvements.  

Overall, I was so impressed with this box and I love how it has introduced me to brands I’ve never heard of before. As much as I love receiving well known brands in my Glossybox, it is great to support lesser known brands. Although I don’t think I will get a box EVERY month (purely due to the fact I will end up with far too many products and not enough time to ever use them all!) I definitely will be purchasing another one of these boxes when I fancy a little treat.

Have you heard of the Blogger Beauty Box or any of these brands before? Let me know in the comments below!

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Jodie x 


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