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So, I’ve been wanting to write about products by SASS for a while, but I’ve not been sure how to incorporate it into my blog. Firstly, talking about your intimates is, well, intimate. I wasn’t quite sure how much I wanted to share with the world. Secondly, would people judge me!? That’s when I thought of a series – The Nitty Gritty of Being a Girl. If you don’t want to hear about all things girly – think periods, hormones, babies – then I suggest you click away now. But, I would encourage you to read on. It’s good to talk about these things and get them in the open. Goodbye to the days when girls were scared to say the word tampon out loud. Hello to being confident and sassy.

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So in this first edition of The Nitty Gritty of Being a Girl I thought I would discuss something most girls do – shave. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong if you chose to let it all grow out, shaving is something I do on a daily basis, so it makes sense to discuss this on my blog.

Most girls will shave something on their body – their legs, underarms or intimates. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to do it ‘right’ and I definitely wish I had more guidance when I was growing up.  So, I’ve made a quick list of tips when you’re shaving – which I’ve learnt the hard way!


  1. Slower is better – You might be in a rush to get to that party but trust me, your legs will look much better freshly shaven and walking in 5 minutes late than with a plaster over your knee because you’ve cut yourself from rushing around with the razor.
  2. Shaving cream isn’t a scam – I used to be a big believer that you didn’t need shaving cream, and that it was just a marketing technique to make you spend more money. Then I started using shaving cream and boy was I wrong. Don’t want to buy shaving cream? No stress – just use conditioner – it works just as well!
  3. NEVER dry shave – Just don’t do it. Ever. Even if you’re in a rush. Let your hairs soak in the bath for at least 10 minutes to soften them up and you’ll be much less likely to get ingrown hairs!
  4. It’s okay to have stubble poking out of your tights – now this is an important one. NO GIRL IS FRESHLY SHAVEN ALL THE TIME. I’m sorry but if anyone says they are – they’re lying. It’s ok for your leg hairs to poke out your tights in Winter – we all do it. It’s okay to wear long sleeves to work because you’re too lazy to shave your underarm. If your boyfriend judges you for it – well he needs a good sitting down and a life lecture in how being a girl is EFFORT!
  5. Throw it away after a month – If, like me, you have about 5 different razors and therefore a ton of different blade heads, sometimes you can forget how old each one is. I try to throw mine away after 5-10 uses but I never know, so I tend to do a big clear out of all my opened heads every now and then, just to make sure.

Anyway, since receiving some SASS products in my Glossybox, my shaving routine has completely changed – for the better. I used to just throw a razor around and end up with tons of horrible bumps and ingrown hairs. Now, my skin is soft and smooth and I barely ever get ingrown hairs. Yay!

Jodetopia Sass Shaving

I start off soaking in the bath for 10…20…30…okay who am I kidding I watch a whole episode of Scream Queens so like, 42 minutes?! When I’m ready for my pamper I massage a small amount of the Cleanser into the area I want to shave for around 30 seconds. I then take my Intuition razor with a fresh (or as fresh as I have) blade and slowly shave away. I love the Intuition razor for my bikini area as it is so super hydrating and I just find it works so much better than any of my other razors. When I’m done, I make sure any product is fully rinsed off and get on with the rest of my shaving – for my underarms I use either my Intuition also or whatever other jelly head I have. For my legs, I lather conditioner on and I use all the razor heads I consider ‘dead’ that I wouldn’t use anywhere else.

When I’m out of the bath, I pat shaved areas dry as opposed to rubbing. I moisturise my body with whatever body cream I have on the go – I’m loving The Body Shop Mango Whip at the moment – and then massage one or two pumps of the SASS Perfect Skin Concentrate onto my bikini area. If it stings – you probably need to throw your razor head out, as you’ve probably been tugging at your skin. I find it really helps to keep the area smooth but more importantly prevent any nasty ingrown hairs.

Whats your shaving routine? Do you use any other methods of hair removal? Let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to continue this series!

Jodie x

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