The Pumeli Tea Experience

So, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway hosted over on Kelsey’s blog where I won a Pumeli tea set, and as soon as I received it I just knew I had to dedicate a whole blog post to it!

Pumeli Tea Gift Set Mindfullness Mindful Jodetopia

First of all – thank you so much Kelsey for hosting the giveaway! I absolutely adore her blog, A Balancing Peach, and would highly recommend you go and give it a read if you haven’t before. She is super inspirational and her photography is always on point! Blog goals!

I’d never heard of Pumeli before but I learnt on Kelsey’s blog post that they are a new subscription box that focuses on all round wellbeing and relaxation. Sounds like my cup of tea (geddit?!) The starter kit I received had a handmade drawstring bag, a gorgeous beaded spoon, some helpful tips on how to truly relax whilst drinking your tea, some tea bags and last but not least the loose tea! It was all packaged really well, kept safe in some shredded paper. There was also a little note letting you know who made your homemade goodies and what part of the world they came from! Such a great touch, and I love to think that by purchasing this tea you are helping to support those communities.

Pumeli Tea Gift Set Mindfullness Mindful Jodetopia

Pumeli Tea Gift Set Mindfullness Mindful Jodetopia

I’m all for improving my mental wellbeing and focusing on mindfulness. I love how Pumeli’s tag line is ‘Permission to Relax’, just reminding you that it’s OK to take time out of a busy schedule to sit back and relax. The tips in the box promt you to really connect with your senses whilst making and drinking the tea – feel the tea leaves. Focus on your breathing. Smell the tea. Sit down and relax.

Pumeli Tea Gift Set Mindfullness Mindful JodetopiaPumeli Tea Gift Set Mindfullness Mindful Jodetopia

The tea itself I was a little worried about at first – I’m still a bit of a newbie with flavoured or earthy tasting teas. I enjoy green tea but chamomile tea for example I absolutely hate! Luckily, this tea tastes amazing! It is so sweet as it has cinnamon, so there was no need for sugar or honey as a sweetener. I’ve been drinking it black and love every single sip – it’s not too strong so would suit most tea lovers, I would assume.

Pumeli Tea Gift Set Mindfullness Mindful Jodetopia
Pumeli Tea Gift Set Mindfullness Mindful Jodetopia

I think my favourite part of this whole experience – and I have to call it that, an experience – is the mindfulness and relaxation element. I normally chuck a Tetley teabag in my mug and make my cup of tea as quickly as possible. Actually taking some time to calmly spoon the loose tea leaves into the bag, carefully pour the water in so the tea leaves don’t spill into the water, breathing in the aromas (which are SO much nicer than a normal cup of tea) and sitting down and taking time to just chill out is so nice. So underrated and something I definitely need to do more of. No more rushed cups of tea that are forgotten and go cold.

Pumeli Tea Gift Set Mindfullness Mindful Jodetopia
Pumeli Tea Gift Set Mindfullness Mindful Jodetopia

Have you heard of Pumeli before or tried any tea subscription boxes? Let me know in the comments below, as I’d love to try out some more!

Jodie x


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