Moisturisers on Trial

I have a LOT of moisturisers. So many that the only way I could possibly feature them all on my blog is to do a roundup. I thought I’d share the thoughts of my many moisturisers to help you pick out the best moisturiser for you, too! Welcome to ‘Moisturisers on Trial’! P.S – these aren’t in any particular order of favouritism!

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First up, I have to mention the Talika Photo-Hydra Day moisturiser. I received this in a Glossybox a few months ago, and at the time wasn’t overly impressed. The more I used it however, the more I loved it! It really does hydrate your skin and is excellent as a base if you’re trying to create more of a dewy look.

Another great moisturiser for a more radiant, dewy look is the Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream. My friend gave me this moisturiser as she didn’t actually like it – she said she put it on as a night cream and woke up with her face covered in glitter! Upon reading up some more information on the product, I realised it is in fact a radiance cream, to be used during the day under your makeup. She was right though – it does have glitter in and therefore if you’re after a matte look or have oily skin then this probably isn’t the product for you. However, if you’re after a more dewy makeup look, then this works a charm! I also think it would be a great one to take on holiday with you to catch the reflections of the sun and keep you hydrated – this may contain SPF but don’t still forget your suncream!


After speaking to the lovely Lisa from Anubis to find the perfect products for my skin type, I tried the Anubis Total Hydrating Bi-gel* and I have been absolutely thrilled with it. As I sometimes get dry patches of skin, I’m always looking for a moisturiser packed full of hydration to keep my skin healthy all day long. This moisturiser does just that! It sinks into my skin and provides plenty of hydration, without being sticky or ‘too wet’. You don’t need much of it to cover your whole face either – meaning this bottle is great value for money.

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I was lucky enough to be gifted a couple of travel size Amie Matte-Finish Moisturiser Cremes* at the #BLFW event I recently attended. I loved the fact they’re so small – perfect to chuck in your handbag whilst travelling! I cannot deny that it is a good moisturiser and keeps my skin hydrated, however if I am honest I unfortunately wasn’t completely blown away by it – there wasn’t anything in the results that make it anything extra special. However, it is definitely worth noting that this brand is free from nasty chemicals and is a natural brand – so you know that the hydration isn’t coming from toxins and chemicals, which is definitely a plus in my books.

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I’m going to put it straight out there – I don’t like the Etre Belle Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel. I don’t like the texture of it on my hands or on my face, nor do I like the colour of it (putting a green gloopy substance on my skin just gives me the shivers, sorry). I also find that this is not hydrating whatsoever and gives a very matte finish – too matte for me. My boyfriend often uses this as he has oily skin, and actually really likes it!

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Have you tried any of these moisturisers? Whats your go-to moisturiser? Let me know in the comments below!

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Jodie x

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