Blogger Beauty Box – June 2016

The Blogger Beauty Box is an absolute fave of mine – you get to discover much smaller brands and over the past few months it has introduced me to some new favourites, for example Puriskin. The fact it is made FOR bloggers BY a blogger is a massive plus – a blogger knows what a blogger wants, after all! Having been continually impressed by the products I receive in the boxes, I have to admit I was really disappointed in this month’s box (I’m sorry!!) and for that reason – and the fact I have FAR too many half-used products at the moment, I’ve decided to give this box a break. Maybe I’ll pick it up again in a few month’s time, but for now I want to concentrate on getting through the boxes and boxes of products I seem to be accumulating in my cupboard… anyway… let’s have a look at what was inside my June box!

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Lets start with my favourite product of the box – 4u2 Lipaholic Lipstick in shade 01. At first, if I am completely honest, I wasn’t looking forward to trying this lipstick – the packaging was very light and felt overly cheap and plastic. I quickly wanted to scold myself, though – I was bought up better than to judge a book by it’s cover. This lipstick is AMAZING! It is so soft and creamy, gliding onto your lips with ease. It is highly hydrating, meaning not only will the formula get into every tiny line and crack in your lips, but will also keep them feeling nice and smooth. I received shade 01, and the colour was the perfect nude for my skin tone, so I’m a very happy bunny indeed! I wasn’t massively impressed with it’s stay power – because it is so creamy, it came off after food/a few cups of tea (but saying that, I’d rather have the hydration and creaminess than stay power!). This lipstick is my new favourite nude lipstick and is definitely staying in my daily makeup bag from now on.

Jodetopia, Blogger Beauty Box June, Fab Little Bag, Nanogen, I Love..., Derma Babies, Lipaholic, 4U2

I’ve already received some fab little bags from Pink Parcel and also a previous Glossybox, so it looks as though the brand is making its way through all the different subscription boxes available on the market! The concept is pretty good though, so I’m happy to have received some more of these. Fab little bag provides a way of disposing of your sanitary items in a discreet, hygienic way. I don’t know about you gals but my worst nightmare is when you’re at a friend’s house and there isn’t a bin in the bathroom. WTF am I meant to do with my gross used tampons?! It gives me massive anxiety. Do I risk flushing it and blocking the pipes???  Do I try and sneak it into the kitchen bin without getting caught??? Throw it out the window??? (I would like to stress that I have never done this but my mind HAS gone there before… Desperate times!!). Now I’m carrying these little bags around I know I will never again have to contemplate drowning myself in the sink to get over the social anxiety that is ridding your used tampon. Thank you, fab little bag. You have saved a life.

I’ve previously received an Acuregen bath and body oil in the December Blogger Beauty Box – it quickly become a favourite. This month, I received Derma Babies Fall in Love heavenly massage oil. I was excited to try it – any excuse for the boyfriend to give me a massage!! It is meant for mother and baby, as it is highly nourishing and nicely scented to drop the little one off to sleep. I can understand why it would help a newborn nod off – it was SO relaxing to use! The oil is highly hydrating, sinking into your skin well to avoid that greasy feel some oils can leave. The smell – oh wow! It really was relaxing and calming and definitely helped make me sleepy on a Sunday evening. Can I please have a massage every night?

Jodetopia, Blogger Beauty Box June, Fab Little Bag, Nanogen, I Love..., Derma Babies, Lipaholic, 4U2

I was disappointed to see a bottle of I love… body wash in my box again this month. I received this body wash in the January Blogger Beauty Box, and although it is nicely scented and does the job, I have a lot of body washes on the go at the moment. I don’t want this to go to waste, though – maybe I’ll include this in a giveaway on Twitter soon? Let me know in the comments below if this is something you’d be interested in winning!

I have fairly fine hair, and normally I pick up any form of thickening shampoo to try and help combat this. However, I never really found them any good, and I also started to enjoy my natural hair – I’m lucky that although it’s a little too fine for styles like boxer braids, it does allow for quick blow drying and cute tiny plaits. Also, when I recently went to O’Sullivans Concept Salons, Morgan told me I had new hair growing all over my scalp and that in a few months I would notice a thicker head of hair due to this! So maybe all the thickening shampoos were working, or maybe it’s something completely different – I’ve no idea! Anyway, in this month’s box I received Nanogen Root Boost Hair Thickening Spray, and if I’m honest I’m not very impressed with it. I’ve found that unfortunately my hair gets greasy more quickly by using this product – quite significantly so, too. I’ve not noticed any improvement with my hair thickness, either. I’m going to give this to my boyfriend and see if he gets any good results from it – I’ll keep you updated!

Jodetopia, Blogger Beauty Box June, Fab Little Bag, Nanogen, I Love..., Derma Babies, Lipaholic, 4U2Jodetopia, Blogger Beauty Box June, Fab Little Bag, Nanogen, I Love..., Derma Babies, Lipaholic, 4U2

So, that’s a wrap on this month’s Blogger Beauty Box, guys! What did you think of it? Any brands you’re intrigued to go and try now? Let me know in the comments below!

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Jodie x

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