Hi! I’m Jodie – your average 22 year old girl from the UK. Living in Kent and working in London, I have a variety of interests – beauty, fashion, books, Netflix (that’s an interest, right?) and everything in between. On Jodetopia you’ll find everything from Turning 21 in New York City to my worst nightclub experience, and everything that’s happened so far in my life in between.

I like makeup, but I’m not in any way or shape an expert, so although I’ll offer my recommendations and tips, don’t live by them like the holy grail. Pls.

In my spare time, if I’m not blogging then I’ll probably be watching Netflix with my cat, drinking tea and eating chocolate. #sorrynotsorry

Idk what else to write here but if you come and find me on Twitter, you’ll probably get to know me at my best anyway – @Jodetopia.




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