Jodetopia (Jode-topia, not Jodie-topia!) was born in 2015, when I hit a rut in my late teens and needed a healthy escapism from my seemingly mundane existence. It was a recipe of coincidence that created my very own little utopia – a cup of nine to five boredom, a dash of ‘still living with the parents’ and a sprinkling of ‘finding myself’.

This blog has grown with me ever since – what was once littered with beauty and lifestyle posts is now a family life blog, fuelled by little Arthur’s cries of ‘mama’ and grunts whilst pointing to what is almost always the cat.

On Jodetopia you’ll find everything from my travel adventures to advice for new mums, and I hope you’ll enjoy coming with me on this crazy journey that starting a family brings.

For all things family life, there’s Jodetopia.