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Those of you who know me on a personal level will be well aware that I am easily stressed, and have to remember to take time out to relax and concentrate on me. A while a go, I shared my tips on how to get out of a rut, and ever since writing that post I’ve wanted to go deeper into my favourite relaxation/de-stressing techniques to hopefully help someone else out there. Baths, podcasts, candles, tidying, reading… there’s a ton of things I’ve discovered that relax and de-stress me, but today I’m going to focus on just one: adult colouring books

Adult Colouring Books, Millie Marotta,

Adult colouring books have been pretty popular for a while now – colouring is no longer seen as an immature, childish activity, but is appreciated for how it improves mindfulness and mental wellbeing. I’ve not spoken to a single person about adult colouring books who has had anything negative to say. There is something just really calming about lighting some candles, sharpening your pencils, putting your phone on silent and just colouring. It’s so soothing, and also gives you a real sense of pride when you step back and look at the masterpiece you’ve created.

My favourite colouring books are definitely the Millie Marotta books – I have Tropical Wonderland and Animal Kingdom, which are both marketed not just as a colouring book, but a colouring book adventure. Her illustrations are amazing – so detailed, but also plain enough for you to really make it into your own. I love that both books are featured around nature – be that plants or animals. The paper is excellent quality, too – I use pencils but I’m sure the paper could handle ink also.

Adult Colouring Books, Millie Marotta,

There are a hell of a lot of choices of all different colouring books out there, and just in case my favourite Millie Marotta books aren’t your cuppa tea, I’ve found the perfect website to find one you will love – . Packed full with a ton of information about the art of adult colouring books, you can find detailed reviews of many different books – helping you to choose the perfect one for you. From typical nature or zen type books to celebrity colouring in books (I NEED to colour in Ryan Gosling, OMG!) I am sure you’ll find a book you’ll love! Follow through on the links to buy your chosen book and voila – prepare to feel relaxed!

Adult Colouring Books, Millie Marotta, Colouring Books, Millie Marotta,

I urge you – the next time you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or just need some ‘me time’ – grab some colouring pencils and a colouring book. I promise you – you won’t regret it.

Jodie x

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