Introducing… Believa & Madame LA LA

I’m sure you’ve all probably realised by now, but I am as pale as Caspar the ghost. I don’t tan, even when I try – I’m either white or red. No in between. Bummer. I’m left with one alternative – fake tan. I’ve recently been trying to embrace my paleness, but after being sent more and more fake tan products in beauty boxes, I thought I should probably give it a go. When Madame LA LA contacted me to see if I’d like to try their Self Tan Mousse*, I jumped at the chance. I also happened to receive some Believa Natural Intensiv Care Cream* in the same week and I discovered something magical – they work beautifully together!

First of all, lets mention the packaging of the Madame LA LA tan – crisp white against block black writing… minimalist packaging always has a place in my heart. It’s also a pump bottle which is perfect to get the product out with the right amount of foamy texture. No messy blobs of fake tan on your mum’s carpet. Hell yea.

The tan itself is probably the easiest fake tan I’ve ever applied. I used it with a mitt (I picked one up from Primark for like £2) and it buffed into my skin so easily. I found that it dried super quickly, and as it is an instant tan as well as a gradual tan, I could tell the difference right away. Perfect for making sure you’ve not missed a spot, and even better for being beautifully bronzed pronto.

Madame La La UK Instant Tan Mousse, Believa Natural Intensiv Care Cream, Jodetopia

I was so happy with the colour when I climbed into bed that night, but was secretly a bit nervous – was I going to wake up orange?! The answer is no. Well, kinda. At first I freaked, thinking I looked too dark (I had only used it on my legs, so I could test it against the colour of my arms), but it kind of gradually grew on me. I think I am just SO used to being pale, that I associate bronzed/tanned with orange. I asked a colleague what she thought – I trust her opinion – and she said it looked fine, just looks strange because the rest of me didn’t match. RESULT.

The conclusion? Great fake tan. Great if you need to get bronzed in time for your date in a couple of hours, or great if you want to forever pretend you live in California. Not streaky, not difficult. Won’t make your bedsheets gross. BUT… if you’re pale and going to use this – DO YOUR WHOLE BODY. It’s deffo not one of those really light gradual tanners where you can just get away with doing your legs. You need to match, woman. I think this tan will suit someone already tanned the best – I think I’m going to save it for after a holiday so I can keep my tan topped up as opposed to starting my tan from scratch!

So, what about this other product which completes the magical combination?! Well, the lovely Lydia from Believa sent me some of their Natural Intensiv Care Cream* to try out, and I quickly discovered that pairing this with the Madame LA LA tan was a recipe for success!

Madame La La UK Instant Tan Mousse, Believa Natural Intensiv Care Cream, Jodetopia

Believa is a fairly new company in the UK – they only launched in March 2016. Over here on Jodetopia, I love supporting smaller companies and trying out their products which I wouldn’t necessarily have come across in the mainstream media. Believa also uses 100% natural ingredients – another great factor which makes me keen and definitely more than happy to test out their products.

As well as having clean, crisp white packaging with a green accent, the bottle itself is very sturdy and felt of good quality – always a good sign in my books, as newer companies sometimes tend to skimp on packaging costs which can be a big turn off! The cream itself is fairly nourishing, but as a general cream I didn’t find it much more nourishing than any of my current body lotions. It wasn’t until I used the cream on a more specific area of skin that I started to realise it’s benefits. Take my elbows, for example – if I forget to moisturise them for a few days, they tend to get quite dry and sore, however a quick slap of some of this cream and they feel soft and nourished instantly (and this effect lasts, too!). I was also pretty impressed with how well it moisturised another of my problem areas: my heels!

A friend’s mum also tested this out for me, as she has eczema, and one of this brand’s unique selling points is that it is specifically designed to help target more serious skin conditions. Her thoughts? She felt that it rubs in easily, but does leave your hands a little greasy at first (I have to agree with this!). The good news is there was no irritation on her skin, and her hands were left feeling soft. The 30ml tube is a great handbag size, however she did mention that she would probably only pay up to £3.00 for this product. It’s currently priced at 30ml for £5.99 and 100ml for £19.99, so a little on the pricey side.

Madame La La UK Instant Tan Mousse, Believa Natural Intensiv Care Cream, Jodetopia


Have you ever heard of Madame LA LA or Believa? What are your favourite fake tan combos? Let me know in the comments below!

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