Blooming Beautiful Baby Massage in Castle Hill: Halloween!

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If you’re looking for a baby massage class for babies in Kent, then Blooming Beautiful Baby Massage in Castle Hill is the class for you!

What is Blooming Beautiful Baby Massage? 

Blooming Beautiful Baby Massage is a calm and friendly introduction to baby massage for babies aged 6 weeks to pre-crawling. During classes, you learn techniques to help ease common baby woes such as colic, constipation and teething pain. Classes are led by Poppy who is a great, personable instructor. 

Where are the classes held?

Blooming Beautiful Baby Massage classes are held at the Castle Hill Community Centre, Ebbsfleet Valley, DA10 1AD. Castle Hill is an exciting new build development, part of Ebbsfleet Garden City. The community centre is a large hall, and there’s plenty of parking directly outside in a good sized, free car park. There’s a Co-op and a pharmacy next to the community centre if you need them, too.


The community centre set up ready for baby massage Baby Ada on her mat ready for baby massage with blooming beautiful baby massage


How long are the classes?

The usual termly classes of Blooming Beautiful baby massage last around 45 minutes to an hour per class. The special seasonal classes may vary and may be longer to allow for more socialising and photo opportunities!

How much are the Blooming Beautiful Baby Massage classes?

A term of baby massage (5 weeks) is £60 a term, and can be booked online. The special seasonal classes vary on price, but you can expect to pay around £15-20 for the session.



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Our review of the Halloween Special with Blooming Beautiful Baby Massage in Castle Hill

I attended the Halloween Special of Blooming Beautiful Baby Massage with my 10 week old baby, Ada. This was a one off special seasonal event, not like the regular baby massage classes.

When I arrived at the Castle Hill Community Centre, I was greeted by Poppy and settled in on one of the yoga mats placed in a circle around the room. On our yoga mats were some themed Halloween decorative cards, some health and safety information (which Poppy reminded us all to read), a song sheet with the massage instructions, a sensory cloth and even a Halloween balloon which we were encouraged to take home with us!


messy play with blooming beautiful baby massage halloween special footprint keepsake


The class started with a short baby massage routine which Ada loved – she was smiling and cooing throughout and was the happiest I had seen her in days! Poppy was a great instructor and had even typed up all the instructions of the massage on the song sheet so if you prefer written instructions to verbal instructions then you could still follow along with ease.

Unfortunately towards the end of the baby massage routine Ada got a little upset – the massage and bonding time stimulated her so much she needed a little rocking off to sleep! She even surprised me by going down to sleep on her back on the yoga mat… she never sleeps on her back during the day so I was shocked. She obviously loved her massage!

When the massage routine was complete, the rest of the Halloween event was spent free flow. This allowed for plenty of chatting to other mums and meant we could explore the rest of the activities at our baby’s pace.

Looking around the rest of the room, I was so impressed with the efforts Poppy, the instructor and founder of Blooming Beautiful Baby Massage, had gone to. In the middle of the circle of yoga mats was a messy play area – there were pumpkins filled with spaghetti as well as jelly. We’re big fans of messy play at home in my family, and the messy play area was a hit with the older babies, but Ada was a bit too young to appreciate that part this time.


Photo backdrop for photo opportunities at blooming beautiful baby massage class in castle hill Halloween themed rubber ducks


In one corner of the room there was a brilliant photo opportunity – a backdrop with bats and lights, and then pumpkins, a witches broom and a pom pom garland for props. Everyone had great fun getting pictures of their babies in front of this.

There was also the opportunity to make a footprint keepsake – Poppy helped us paint our baby’s foot with orange washable crayola paint and press this onto some branded white paper. She then had pens for us to decorate the footprint and turn it into a little pumpkin! Ada’s turned out great and it is such a cute keepsake I will treasure forever.

In addition to the above was a coffee and cake table! Anyone who knows me knows my coffee addiction and the chance to drink it hot for a change whilst Ada surprised me with a nap was very much welcome. Poppy had even got us all a little gift of a Halloween duck – something my toddler has particularly enjoyed playing with and hasn’t yet let me store away!


table of refreshments at blooming beautiful baby massage in castle hill halloween themed cupcakes


Overall the Halloween Special of Blooming Beautiful Baby Massage was a truly lovely event. It was a great introduction to baby massage and perfect for anyone a little nervous to commit to a full term of baby massage classes or who doesn’t have the time normally. I would highly recommend, and am a bit gutted the Christmas special has already sold out!

If you want to give it a go, why not try booking onto their next term of baby massage?

PS – If you visit off the back of my recommendation, please tag me in your photos on Instagram and use the hashtag #JodetopiaInKent

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