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For those of you who may not follow my blog and Twitter regularly, I have recently started a new job working in London. I’ve joined the thousands of people who bundle onto trains and commute into the city Monday to Friday. Fun! This might not appeal to some people, but for me it was right for so many reasons. And you know what? I’m LOVING the commute! Yeah, I’m tired, and it’s still going to take my body time to get used to the journey, but I now have 2 hours a day to just chill out and have some downtime. Rather than sit and spare into space, make use of your time sitting on the train! Read a book. Catch up on last night’s Eastenders. Listen to some music. Draw. Write. Knit. The possibilities are endless. 

Me? I choose to read or be productive with bits and bobs for my blog. The journey goes so much quicker if I actually do something. Although, that doesn’t completely make the journey OK. There are a few essential things you need if you’re going to commute daily…

Jodetopia Commuter Essentials Bandzee Weleda Jurlique Puriskin

Hand sanitizer

This is obvious – thousands of people in one place = germs. I try not to touch the train door buttons (let someone else catch those germs) and I try not to hold on to the rails on the tube if I can avoid it, but it’s best to have some hand sanitizer in case you have to!

Jodetopia Commuter Essentials Bandzee Weleda Jurlique Puriskin

Lip balm

Long days, up and downs in temperature, stuffy trains – I don’t know why it is that travelling on a train makes my lips dry, but it just does. I use Puriskin Moisture Boost for Lips* to keep mine deeply hydrated. It’s a soft formula so spreads on your lips easily and melts right in! It lasts for a good few hours without needing topping up – perfect! You can get your hands on the Moisture Boost in May – keep your eyes open on Puriskin’s Twitter for when it becomes available!

Hand cream

Hand sanitizer can leave your hands super dry, and I can’t think of anything worse than itchy, dry hands! I’ve been using a travel size version of Weleda Skin Food* to try and combat this! It’s really rich, so you only need a small amount to keep your hands soft and smooth for hours. It does have a bit of a funny smell to it but that’s because it is a natural product, but it’s not too strong at all. You can use Skin Food on any dry spots of skins – elbows, feet etc, so it is completely a multi use product!

Jodetopia Commuter Essentials Bandzee Weleda Jurlique Puriskin

Stay refreshed

Trains are stuffy places. One way to keep your skin hydrated and feeling fresh is to use a refreshing mist, like the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist*. Not only does it give you a little booster but also helps set your makeup – spritz it on in the morning before you leave to keep your makeup in place, and to a clean face once you’ve taken your makeup off! If you are able to spritz it on during the day then do – it feels SO good – especially if you’ve been running to catch the train! It also leaves your skin looking a little dewy, which is perfect for summer!

Hair bands

You might spend all morning straightening your hair or perfectly blow drying it (I don’t bother – hello lion mane!) but when it comes to your journey home – well, that’s a different story. I personally opt to chuck my hair up into a messy bun on the top of my head. This, of course, causes many a complication when it comes to having hair bands ready when I need them. I discovered a way to resolve this though – Bandzee*. Bandzee are hair bands that are also stylish and can be worn around your wrist without digging in (those red marks are so ugly), scratching you (we all know about the horrors of this), or breaking and baring hair ruining elastic. Result!

Jodetopia Commuter Essentials Bandzee Weleda Jurlique Puriskin

Of course, I’ve not mentioned the obvious things – sunglasses, purse, travel card holder (I love my Cath Kidston matching set!), body spray, a good book… the list is endless. There’s a lot of things you will probably need, so a big bag and travel size products are a must!

What are your must have items in your work bag? Let me know in the comments below!

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