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For those of you who don’t chat to me on a personal level, you probably won’t be aware that I’ve recently been job hunting. Yep – that time of your life where you’re stressfully trying to decide on which company is going to fill you with happiness whilst also being able to pay the bills. I’m sure I’ll delve into this topic more in the future, but for today’s post, I wanted to share a very exciting collaboration with Quiz Clothing, in which my lovely boyfriend Taylor picked out my interview outfit.


When a PR rep for Quiz Clothing got in touch and suggested a collaboration in which Taylor would pick out my outfit, I thought – heck yes. What a fun idea! He had full roam of the Quiz Clothing website, who have a bit of everything – from dresses to accessories, and everything in between! I trust him entirely – he knows what I wear every single day of my life, and knows what parts of my body I’m insecure about, and like to cover up. The rules were simple: he picked two items for me. I wasn’t allowed to hint, I wasn’t allowed to pick for him – it had to be entirely his own choosing!


Taylor initially picked out three items, because he wasn’t sure if I would like one of his choices, and didn’t want to pick me out something that I’d hate. He chose this top, a pair of skinny black jeans, and this waterfall jacket.


He did pretty darn well on his choices – the top and jacket were both items I would personally have picked out. The jeans he picked out however…. never going to work! I find it an absolute struggle to find jeans that fit me – I have rather large hips and thighs, so normally have to go up a size or two, which leaves the awkwardly large gap around the waistband. The jeans he had picked out, whilst beautiful, just wouldn’t fit nor suit me. He saw my face when he showed me, and I am just oh so thankful that he’d picked out the cardigan as a back up. I know he was trying to do me a favour (I recently had to chuck out my black jeans, so now no longer own a pair, boo-hoo) but to put it simply: I’m never going to be able to buy jeans from a picture online. I’m that annoying girl that takes 5 different styles of jeans in 3 different sizes to the changing room. And probably still won’t find a pair that fits. Yep.


So, we sent across the final two chosen items – the top*, and cardigan*. They arrived the next day, and the second I tried them on I fell in absolute love. They felt so smart, but could easily both be warn as casual items. I looked in the mirror and though – yep, that’s my interview outfit sorted, thanks Taylor!


Quiz Clothing, Top, Dresses, Jacket, Interview Outfit, OOTD, Jodetopia

Quiz Clothing, Top, Dresses, Jacket, Interview Outfit, OOTD, Jodetopia


The top is a beautiful pale pink colour, with frills to the bottom hem and on the arms, too. I like that its plain and simple enough to be worn in an office environment, but the frills give it a bit more personality. The quality of the material is really good, too – it’s thick, but still breathable and not too heavy, meaning it would be wearable all year round.


I was especially impressed that the top actually came with the necklace shown in the photo online! So not only are you getting the top for your money, but a matching necklace, too! They’re not joined or anything like that, so you could pair the top with a different necklace if you like, or keep the necklace for a different outfit. It’s all about variety, after all!


Quiz Clothing, Top, Dresses, Jacket, Interview Outfit, OOTD, Jodetopia


An unexpected little plus to the top – it matched my apple watch! My pink strap is pretty much an identical colour to the top, meaning my new interview look as a whole looks that little bit more ‘put together’.


Quiz Clothing, Top, Dresses, Jacket, Interview Outfit, OOTD, Jodetopia   Quiz Clothing, Top, Dresses, Jacket, Interview Outfit, OOTD, Jodetopia


I unfortunately didn’t manage to get any good pictures of me actually wearing the jacket, but you’ll have to take my word for it – it’s gorgeous! Just like the top, it’s excellent quality – the perfect blend of being thick yet still functional, smart and breathable. I’ll definitely be featuring the jacket in future outfit posts, so keep an eye out!


and yes, I did get the job I wore this outfit to, so Quiz Clothing = the perfect interview outfit!


What is your go to interview outfit? Have you got any Quiz Clothing items? Let me know in the comments below!


Jodie x

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