Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Eyeshadow Palette

So, in my Black Friday Makeup Revolution Haul, I purchased the Ultra Professional Eyeshadow Beyond Flawless palette. I was so excited to try it out as it just has so many different tones of colours and I was interested to see what looks I could create. 

All I can say is that I am certainly not disappointed!

Jodetopia Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow 

First of all, let’s talk packaging – the palette comes in the standard Makeup Revolution black packaging. It’s sleek, classy and really good quality. On the inside, there is a good quality mirror which is the whole size of the palette. I cannot fault the packaging at all – Makeup Revolution has the best packaging I’ve ever seen on a high street brand. 

I was so impressed to find so many different tones of colours in the palette – the pictures just don’t do it justice. You’ve got highlights, silvers, black, golds, pinks , blues and browns. I was so excited to try to create different smokey eyes with coloured undertones! My eyeshadow collection isn’t huge, so the opportunity to have more colours to play around with was an exciting one. I also love the variety in shimmer – some of the shades are really very shimmery whereas others have only a slight shimmer. I was hoping for a few more matte colours, but that’s just being picky. 

I was also really impressed that each different shade was named – that’s not something I would expect from a cheaper brand so definitely a nice surprise.
Jodetopia Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow

In terms of pigmentation and colour pay off, there were some shades which let the palette down, but overall the shades were  impressive for the price paid. My favourite shades for colour pay off are Expresso, Warm Grey, Stone Grey, Nightfall, Bare Pink, Spice and Toasty. What I love the most, is with all of the colours you can either use them really lightly, or build layers up to a deep, strong colour. I was especially impressed with Blackest – I actually prefer this to my black MAC eyeshadow! I was disappointed with the shades Papaya and Pug, as unlike the others they just don’t build up to a strong colour, and stay quite dull.

Some shades are a little powdery and fall onto my cheekbones during application. This is easily resolved though – I’m learning to do my eyeshadow first! As the powder is so light, you can sweep it off your face with a large powder brush or fan brush if you’re delicate enough, too.

I’ve been using this palette religiously for every night out I’ve had since Black Friday and have developed a few different go-to combinations.  

Jodetopia Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow

The above shades are Flawless, Light Caramel (which is so much more shimmery than the photo looks), Bronze, Expresso and Cocoa. These are my favourite bronzed colours for a bronze smokey eye.

Jodetopia Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow

The above shades are Dove, Mineral, Warm Grey, Stone Grey, Nightfall and Blackest, which is a nice classic silver smokey eye with a hint of blue from the Stone Grey and Nightfall shades. 

I really want to play around more with the pinks and gold colours, as these are not colours I’m confident in wearing or working with, so I haven’t been using them as much as I should be. As I’ve been swatching the colours, I’ve realised there are so many pinks/golds which could create a really nice rose gold look – I need to experiment more!

I’ve also been using both Flawless and Dove as browbone highlights, both of which work really well for this. I’m sure if you really wanted to get a lot of use out of the palette you could use some of the brown colours to fill in your eyebrows, too (who doesn’t like a good multi-use product?!)

Overall, I cannot recommend this palette enough. You just get SO many colours for the price (can you believe this palette is only £8?!) and I’m also impressed with the quantity of each shade – I’ve used some colours probably about 20+ times and they still barely look touched!

What’s your go-to high street eyeshadow palette? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Jodie x

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