Introducing… Kineta Matcha Green Tea

As I’m sure you are now all aware, I am trying to be healthier in all aspects of my life – my diet, fitness and mental wellbeing. For me, chilling out with a good cuppa not only makes me feel mentally better (a cup of tea fixes everything!) but also can be very good for your body internally. After learning about how green tea affects your body, I’ve been keen to investigate this more, but never really knew where to start.

Kineta Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea Jodetopia

I received some matcha green tea from Kineta*, so this seemed like a great place to start experimenting a bit more! I’d never heard of matcha green tea before, but the information that came with the tea explains that it has various beneficial factors such as boosting your metabolism and giving you a slow release of energy. Sounds like exactly what I need of a morning!

I was absolutely clueless on how to create the perfect cup of matcha – many google results state you need a bamboo whisk for a traditional bowl of matcha, which creates froth, but I stuck to a regular tea spoon. It mixes fine but I did note that some of the powder didn’t completely dissolve – so if you’re preparing your matcha tea just with a teaspoon I would recommend to use less powder so that it fully dissolves.

I actually found this tea so much easier and nicer to drink than a standard green tea (which is so easy to over-brew or taste bitter if not made correctly). Although it is very vibrant green in colour once made up, if you can get past this it is completely worth it. After all, it’s a traditional, ceremonial tea than Zen Buddhist monks drink so it’s got to be good for you!

Kineta Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea Jodetopia

I drunk this tea a lot during my #VeganJodetopia month, as it is friendly for vegans, and I hoped it would help give me energy and nutrients I may be lacking from my diet otherwise. I really enjoyed the drink and definitely saw the benefits in my energy and productivity after having a cuppa.

If you don’t want to drink the tea, you can also use it to add to porridge, protein bars, smoothies – add it to everything! You’ll reap it’s superfood benefits and maybe even make that chocolate cake feel a little less guilty.

Have you tried Matcha tea? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

Jodie x

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