National Siblings Day – 10 Thank You’s to my Sister

National Siblings Day - Pinterest Graphic


So… did you know that it’s ‘National Siblings Day’ today?! Yeah… neither did I until last week. It made my heartstrings twang a little bit, though – I realised that I very rarely say thanks to my lovely sister Emma for all that she’s done for me over the years. So… let’s change that. Emma – this is a very public ‘thank you’ to being the wonderful big sis you are.


National Siblings Day - photo of Emma and Jodie


  1. Thank you for taking the blame for things when I was naughty and Mum and Dad always believed me. (What other sisters out there can vouch for me on this?! When you’re the younger sister – you get away with EVERYTHING!)


  1. Thank you for tricking me into believing I could get to ‘witch world’ by chanting it whilst spinning on the spot before locking me in the cupboard under the stairs. Only that kind of sisterly love prepares you for the real world. I now know to NEVER trust other peopleespecially when they are trying to lock you in a small space…


  1. Thank you for always having my back no matter how big and small – like that time you told the boys off for not letting me in the hut on the primary school playground.


  1. Thank you for worsening my fizzy drink/coke phobia by putting it near my face or trying to make me pick up your glass… I’m sure my health is much better than it would be had you not have made me legit scared of fizzy drinks!


  1. Thank you for all the times you let me crawl into bed beside you if we stayed somewhere other than home. N’aw.


National Siblings Day - photo of Emma's Wedding


  1. … and thank you for always chatting to me across the hallway with our bedroom doors open and teaching me how to get away with pretending to be asleep when Mum and Dad checked on us!


  1. Thank you for letting me borrow your pink flip mobile phone to buy Habbo Hotel credits (sorry Dad!) and climbing up the Habbo Hotel hierarchy with me (we totes had the coolest games room!).


  1. Thank you for always being there for me when I’m feeling a bit down and for letting me crash on your sofa whenever I needed a bit of time away from home.


  1. Thank you for being the cool big sister that covered for me and picked me and my friends up when we went to ‘Amo’ under 18’s that one time…. Mum & Dad – you should thank Emma for this too – it made me NEVER want to go again, and taught me how to keep myself safe in a nightclub!


  1. Thank you for not getting *too* mad when I repeatedly told the story of how I could spell ‘robot’ before you could… I was proud of myself!


Now, just for the bants, here’s a flashback to our photoshoot….


Photoshoot photo of Emma and Jodie Photoshoot photo of Emma and Jodie


All jokes aside: you’ve been there for me through everything. You’ve seen me at my best and at my worst and I honestly don’t know what I would do without you.

Thank you for being my sister and best friend – Happy National Siblings Day!