Organise Your Home Day: Tips for Lazy Neat Freaks

So, for those of you who don’t know, January 14th is ‘organise your home day’. I’m not sure if it’s an official thing but whatevs. It gave me a good idea for a blog post.

I’m a bit two faced when it comes to organisation. Part of me is crazy obsessed with things being in the right place. Take my highlighters, for example. If someone messes them up and puts them back in the WRONG COLOUR ORDER, well there’s gonna be trouble. I’m also a bit OTT with filing and archiving (which always is such a positive in job interviews).

But… then there is my lazy side. That’s the part of me who leaves clean washing in a pile for 5 days until I can be bothered to put it away (and even then I normally just wear the pile instead of actually putting it away).

Yeah, I’m lazy. Yeah, I’m a neat freak…. I guess I’m just a lazy neat freak!

So, what better way to celebrate organise your home day than make a list of tips for lazy neat freaks… there’s gotta be more of you guys out there, right?

Jodie's master bedroom is neat, organised and tidy and has a grey wall, a grey super king size bed with white and grey bedding.

  1. Make your bed in the morning.

I don’t know about you but if I’m sitting at work knowing I’m coming home to a messy room, it really stresses me out. It also encourages me to be messy in every other aspect. I don’t ALWAYS do this, but I’m trying!

2. A messy environment is a messy mind

Linking to the above, a messy room stresses me out. I’m a true believer that tidy surroundings will lead to a tidy mind. Don’t fret though – take it in baby steps. If your room is a huge mess, tackle one thing at a time. First, the shelves. Then, your desk. Maybe then your wardrobe. Baby steps.

3. Wake up 5-10 minutes earlier

If you’re anything like me, you’ll hit snooze as many times as possible right up to the point where you think ‘S***, I’m gonna be late’. You then proceed to rush around the house getting ready and in this rush end up making an absolute mess. Makeup on the floor, deodorant not put away, hair brush chucked on the bed… you get the picture. Getting up even just 5 minutes earlier means you can ensure you put things away as you use them. (Again, I’m really not that great at this)

4. Make a to do list and work through it slowly

When I’m feeling overly stressed because my room is a mess and my makeup is a mess and my car needs cleaning I can get myself into a bit of a rut where I sit there like ‘where do I even start?!!?’. The first thing I do is make a to do list. List out EVERYTHING. It may seem daunting when theres 15 items on the list but you can work through it one by one. My 2016 list of tidying was huge (and still is mind you) but I can say that I’ve sorted my wardrobe, sorted my shoes, boxed away clothes that don’t fit me and sorted my skincare and haircare items in my bathroom. That’s a hell of a lot more tidier than I was a few months ago – I’m getting there!

Seeing as it’s organise your home day TODAY, here’s some reaaaaally quick things you could get up off your arse and do NOW. They won’t take you long, and you’ll feel SO much better for doing them – I promise!

  1. Put as many belongings as you can that are out, away, in 2 minutes. Time yourself, run and go go go!
  2. If you have any rubbish in your room, put it in the bin, take your bin out and put a fresh bag in. This instantly de-stresses me – the thought of having rubbish in my room is horrible!
  3. If you have plates/mugs – make a stack and take them out to the kitchen! (maybe don’t run for this one, don’t want any cracked china!)

Doing the three things above instantly tidies even the messiest of rooms! You can now breathe, relax, and tackle the larger tidying problems one by one. Now, grab your pen and paper and get writing that ‘to-do’ list!

If you liked this post, let me know in the comments below! Do you have any tips for lazy neat freaks like me?!

Jodie x

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