Sakare Nail Buffer Kit: Is It Worth The Hype?


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In the heart of Mayfair, in London, there is a street of high end beauty shops that I once had the pleasure of working near to. Sakare are one of these shops, and their selling tactic is definitely controversial – lure you into conversation by offering a sample as you’re walking past and then practically dragging you into the shop and selling you an overpriced product that you don’t really need…and that’s the story of how I became the (now proud) owner of a Sakare nail buffer kit.

To be fair, although he was a good salesman, I would never have bought the kit if I didn’t honestly like it. The results on the demonstration in store were just too good to ignore!


Sakare nail buffer kit Sakare hand and body lotion


The main focus of the nail buffer kit is the Sakare nail buffer. Now let me set one thing straight, this is not a normal nail buffer! It has different sides to prep the surface and buff away any ridges and then the white side gives it shine. It’s difficult for me to actually put into words how good this leaves your nails – you’re left with nails that look either coated with clear nail varnish or acrylic nails. SO shiny, SO smooth and just amazing! The pictures definitely don’t do it justice.

Apparently, the reason the white side on the buffer gets your nails so shiny, is because it pulls out the natural oils in your nails – now, I’m not quite sure how much of this I believe, but I just cannot argue with the results.

In the nail kit you also get a standard nail file to shape your nails, cuticle oil to lock in the moisture and keep your cuticles healthy, and hand and body lotion to moisture your hands after.

The kit retails for £45 online, however I purchased it for £30 in store. Sakare are known for chucking endless discounts at you to get a sale, so if this is a shop you frequent, you’ll certainly need to learn how to haggle. Many people online feel as though £30-45 for a nail kit is a rip off, however I honestly think that is such a bargain considering how good it leaves your nails looking. The kit not only makes natural nails flawless, but it also makes the perfect base for gel nails.


Sakare nail buffer kit results Sakare nail buffer cuticle oil


The most impressive part of it all? You get a lifetime guarantee. Yep – you read that right. LIFETIME.  Take the receipt back in with your buffer, they will give you new strips for it for free, whenever you want. When I worked around the corner from the Sakare store, this was so convenient – I could essentially have a brand new buffer every couple of weeks, without paying a penny more. Sure, the lifetime warranty isn’t so good if you don’t live or work close by, but if you do – make the most of it!

After using the nail buffer kit for a few weeks, I can honestly say it has improved my nails so much. Not only do you get the instant results of shine and being smooth, but over time I’ve found my nail are much stronger. They don’t break as easily and I’m pretty sure the tips of my nails have got whiter, too. Sure, I could go to a salon to get my nails done….or I could do them at home myself!

Have you ever tried the Sakare nail buffer kit? What do you do to look after your nails? Let me know in the comments below!