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8 space saving wardrobe ideas

If, like me, you live in a fairly small house with a lack of storage, coming up with new ways to save space is a regular occurrence. Every few weeks, or whenever we get an influx of new personal items, like Christmas, I’ll spend some time re-organising and shuffling things around my home to save space. I’ve learnt the art of decluttering and donating items that no longer spark joy in my life, and have discovered lots of great space saving tips along the way that I want to share with you. In particular, an often overlooked place we can save space in small homes: the wardrobe! Long gone are the times where you just hang up endless amounts of clothes on a rail – oh no, there are tons of genius space saving ideas for wardrobes that will make a serious difference to your life, as well as saving you time, energy and money. Here are my top 10 space saving wardrobe ideas…


The first idea for saving space in your wardrobe is a simple one: declutter! Purge your wardrobe: how many of these clothes do you ACTUALLY wear on a regular basis, anyway? A good way to purge your wardrobe is to hang all of the clothes hangers the opposite way round. When you wear an item, put it back the correct way, and after a few months, you’ll soon see which items of clothes you never reach for. Make some extra cash by selling your unwanted clothes, or donate them to charity.

Put seasonal items into storage

Another great way to purge your wardrobe and save space is to put away any seasonal items. You’re unlikely to need large coats and jumpers in the height of summer, so why let them take up space in your wardrobe? Organise your wardrobe seasonally, and vacuum pack the unneeded items away and store them in your loft. This will save you so much time when you’re picking an outfit, as you won’t need to filter through seasonally incorrect items of clothing, and once a year you can swap your summer clothes for your winter clothes!

The easiest space saving wardrobe idea: use baskets

I’m a basket lover in any kind of storage space – there’s fewer better ways to keep your items neat, tidy and aesthetically pleasing. Baskets are great for chucking awkward items in, or organising by type of clothing, making it quicker when you’re looking for a particular item. If you don’t have shelves so cannot make use of baskets, you can get clever space saving wardrobe pull out drawers.

Install good lighting

You’ve gone to the effort of decluttering, reorganising and redesigning your wardrobe, so why stop there? Adding good lighting to your wardrobe is a great way to really finish your wardrobe off, and help you see your beautifully space saved wardrobe in all its glory. You can purchase LED strip lighting here.

how to save space in your wardrobe

Organise your shoes

Shoes are so awkward to store, aren’t they? A great space saving wardrobe idea is to install a rack specially designed for shoe storage – it’ll look much better than just shoving your shoes in a basket, and take up much less space than if you store them in their original shoe boxes.

Space saving wardrobe hangers

A genius idea for saving space in your wardrobe is to invest in space saving wardrobe hangers. There are so many different products and designs out there, but the space saving wardrobe hangers that let you store multiple items of clothes on and then drop down are my favourite. You can also get hangers that hold multiple trousers at once. You could even be clever with this design of hanger, and organise your clothes in advance, so that all your clothes for the week are ready on one hanger, for example.

Accessory space saving wardrobe solutions

Accessories, like shoes, are very annoying to store effectively. To save you time and energy, you want your accessories to be neatly organised in a way that is mess free and saves space in your wardrobe. I’m a big fan of accessory organisers that can hang in your wardrobe – you could even use a stick on hook to hook this style of organiser to the back of your wardrobe door to save space even further. You can also install tie racks, belt racks and hanging shoe storage.

Space saving mirrors

Jodie over at Maidenhead Mum has a great space saving mirror that I think is absolutely genius.

“I have a nifty mirror that slides out of my wardrobe and can be angled in any direction before you fold it flat to slide back in. But the magic doesn’t stop there… on the back there are hooks which are perfect for hanging necklaces and even watches. This was part of the pax range at IKEA.”

Jodie, maidenheadmum.co.uk

How to fold clothes to save space in wardrobe

Did you know that there are specific folding methods that will help you save space in your wardrobe or drawers? Check out Marie Kondo’s folding techniques and thank me later!