Why reading is so important for children?

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Why reading is so important for children?


Do you remember as a child when you first learnt to read? Majority of us can’t actually recollect the memories of learning such a vital skill and can easily forget that we even possess it. It is actually the foundation of your ability to learn and the ability to function in today’s society. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to read a Facebook post or attempt a new written recipe. Even small things like reading labels on clothes wouldn’t be something you could do. See how important it is? It is vital children pick up these seemingly simple skills to ensure that they are prepared for their future. Here is some advice from a private school in Twickenham on why reading is so important for children.


Starting off young, reading begins at short pages with minimal text on it. This is to help expand vocabulary and allow your child to slowly progress onto bigger and more complex words overtime. Practicing this regularly will help your child become confident while reading and eventually take it onto independent reading which is a huge sign of success.


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The world around us is full of words, numbers and symbols. Being able to read these will allow your child to navigate themselves no matter where they are. Reading will allow them to understand the purpose of each text depending on where they see it. Above all, it can help with safety. Traffic signs and warning labels should always be looked out for so identifying and reading these will be significantly beneficial for your child.


Reading is an essential part to progressing in school. Schools teach you to learn content which lead to final exams which are written. Preparing yourself by being able to read well will allow your child to progress fast and well. Not to forget the imagination and entertainment it brings. Reading allows a child to develop a whole new world of their own and enhances their imagination by forcing them to create vivid images in their mind. 


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