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People say nothing lasts forever, but when it comes to flooring options saying Once in a lifetime is apt with the current craze of vinyl layering the home.

So why are home owners now turned on to recommendations from interior designers? Are the positives worthy of you contemplating a new look in the home?


Cost of Implementation

Let’s address costs. Cheapest Amtico flooring UK is a cost effective solution with individual sheets or tiles providing not much difference in price.

Being an easy option to install, it can save on professional hire by simply doing it yourself. With cut to size sections and choosing simply of clicking together or gluing down with an adhesive, it gives you a great project to take on.

Due to the durability of Amtico you will save on replacement of any tiles or sheets as they very rarely need replenishing and can be pulled up individually with ease in the event of any occasion where needed.


Long Lasting Durability

Due to the hard wearing and water resistant properties vinyl is ideal for all rooms of the house, including those where water is in constant supply such as your bathroom and kitchen.

Scratches on your Amtico flooring is also not a concern due to anti scratch technology meaning that your move around habits won’t leave a mark on your beautiful floor. With cushioning properties it is safe from any dropping items such as glass or plates as vinyl is proven to give a bounce off effect over smashes and chippings.


Easy to Clean

Stains are usually a tarnishing fear on carpets or hardwood flooring and discolouration can be present no matter how many treatments are used.

With Amtico you are given an easy to clean option with simple soapy water mixed with vinegar and a sponge, easy to mop over or the use of a baby wipe and leaving no trace of the food, juice, wine or mud that would leave an imprint on regular flooring.

With Amtico being incredibly easy to maintain, it’s no surprise that it is the ideal option for families with children that will give flooring challenges over the years. Whether it be trampling in mud from the garden to dropping ice cream you can be sure that Amtico vinyl has you and your floor covered.


Sheer Volume of Styles to Suit

Amtico has no limits to showcasing your home as either classically stylish or innovatively creative. Your options are only limited to yourself.

If you like the look of light or dark wood then you can have it in many different shades and shapes. If you were considering a stone or glossy feel then you can achieve it also whilst not paying out for the real thing. It is indistinguishable from the real thing and looks and feels great no matter what room you choose.

You can be creative throughout your home and have it looking different in every room to unleash your creative potential and impress your friends and visitors. Amtico offers a classical and contemporary feel with styles such as Amtico Spacia, Abstract and Burnished Timber to give a warmth and sophistication to your home.

No matter where you step with lowest price Amtico flooring you are sure not to put a foot wrong.


Does amtico really last a lifetime?