Jodie Reads: Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson

Bookworms unite! I’m so impressed by myself at how much I’ve been reading lately. There’s just something SO nice about escaping into a fictional world, don’t ya think!? This post is a review of a book I’ve been meaning to read for a very long time – Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson. I’m so glad I’ve now finally read the book, and more importantly read the book BEFORE I watched the film – I think I’d of been gutted (and very confused!) had I watched the movie first.

Jodetopia, Book Review, Before I Go To Sleep, S J Watson, Thriller

I really don’t even know how to write this review other than to start off by saying: WOW. This book is AMAZING! I would definitely put this up there as one of the best books I have ever read.

The book follows Christine – after suffering from brain injuries from an accident, she has problems with her memory. Well, ‘problems’ is a bit of an understatement – every time she goes to sleep, she forgets everything that happened that day. She wakes up not knowing where she is, thinking she’s a child, a teenager or a thriving twenty-something, and every morning is confused to see an older body staring back at her. She relies on her husband to explain to her who she is and what is wrong with her every morning before he goes off to work and leaves her to her own devices. Can you even imagine having to live a life like this?! 

Jodetopia, Book Review, Before I Go To Sleep, S J Watson, Thriller
Not knowing who she is and what has happened in the last twenty years of her life, Christine sets off on a journey to discover the truth, and it is then that we are introduced to the other main characters and the plot really starts to unfold. This is a really difficult book to review without ruining it for anyone that hasn’t read the book, as there are so many little twists and turns throughout the book as she learns more and more about who she is and how she got into this situation. I can definitely say that there is a BIG twist at the end – I thought I’d figured it out pretty early on, and was expecting the plot twist to be predictable and anticlimactic but I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Jodetopia, Book Review, Before I Go To Sleep, S J Watson, Thriller
If you enjoy thrillers and are a fan of Gone Girl/ The Good Girl/ The Girl on The Train type books, then you are bound to love this, too! It’s definitely a 5/5 from me – I was hooked from the outset and thoroughly enjoyed every page! I just wish I knew what happened next, as the book leaves on a sort of cliffhanger – I need details!

I’m a huge fan of thrillers, so please do let me know in the comments below if you have any personal favourites!

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