Jodie Reads: Cut To The Bone By Alex Caan

To my beautiful readers who do actually read my book review posts – I’ve got another one for ya today! I’m going to start off this blog post by telling you a little story about how I became the proud owner of a book I never intended to read: Cut To The Bone by Alex Caan. Between 7-8am and 6:30-7:30pm you can normally find my head in a book, sitting on the window seat of a packed train on my daily commute. More often than not, I end up finishing a book half way through a journey, or on the morning journey, leaving me bookless and bored stiff for my remaining travel that day. When this happens, I become irritable, grumpy and tired so…. I impulse purchase. Can you blame me when WHSmiths at the train station has ‘buy one get one half price’ stickers plastered everywhere?! This is, inevitably, how I ended up reading Cut To The Bone – an unplanned purchase, unwanted read and unnecessary addition to my bookshelf…. But BOY am I glad I picked this book up!

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The blurb immediately caught my eyea vlogger goes missing and horrific videos surface on Youtube to her 2 million fans. What with being a blogger myself, and the recent Marina Joyce conspiracy, I just had to find out more!

Firstly, I must point out, even if you are not a blogger or vlogger, you will still enjoy this book. Whilst Ruby, the girl who is kidnapped, is a vlogger, it isn’t a book solely for that niche – any fans of mystery and thriller can enjoy this book.

Ruby goes missing at the beginning of the book, so the book follows two main characters – DI Kate Riley and DS Zain Harris, the police team designated to solving the case. The book develops these characters well – I liked how each character had secrets of their own, and weren’t just ‘flat’. I would be really intrigued to see where their characters ended up if there were sequels – a romance definitely blossoms in this book, and I’m a sucker for a good love story!

Spoiler alert – the only negative I have on this book would be the ridiculously enormous red herring in the middle of the book. The detectives go down one path, which makes complete sense, for it to come to a sudden turn and end up in a direction I wasn’t guessing at all. Whilst I do love a good plot twist, I would have enjoyed a few more clues dropped throughout the book, or at least a bit more exploration of how/why the true kidnapper did what they did. The book tied together a little too quickly and lacked the details my questioning brain wants.

cut to the bone, alex caan, vlogger, vlogging, book review, jodetopia

I feel as though this book is definitely going to have a sequel – hopefully a development on the big fat red herring and on Kate and Zain’s romance. I definitely have a feeling Kate and Zain’s pasts could come back to haunt them both, too. Alex Caan – please write a sequel!

I’m always looking for new books to read, so if you have any recommendations you think I’d like, please let me know in the comments below!

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