Children’s Affirmation Cards & Why You Need Them


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Positive affirmations, when repeated often, are an amazing tool to combating negativity and encouraging strength and happiness. A great tool for your mental health, positive affirmations have helped so many people overcome difficult situations or give them a more positive outlook on life. However it’s not just adults that benefit from the power of affirmations: children can also reap the rewards of repeating positive affirmations. If you want to get started with children’s positive affirmations, then children’s affirmation cards are a great starting place.


What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are simply a statement that is repeated to oneself, often with the purpose of sparking positivity or overcoming a difficult situation or task, for example, ‘I can do this’ or ‘I am happy’.

The great thing about affirmations is they can be absolutely anything and applied to any situation. Struggling with your general outlook on life and need to get out of a rut? There’s plenty of positive affirmations for that. Need help in a certain situation, such as pregnancy or difficulty at work? There’s affirmations for that, too!


What are Children’s Affirmation Cards?

Children’s affirmation cards are simply flashcards – but instead of a word or a picture on the flashcards like stereotypical children’s flashcards, there is an affirmation instead. The purpose of the flashcards are for the affirmation to be read and spoken aloud.

For younger children, the parent or caregiver can read the affirmation and the child can repeat (added benefit: this is GREAT for speech development, and we all know how important it is to read to young children!). For older children, they can read the affirmations themselves (this allows the child to choose whether they wish to read them aloud or in their head), and you could also display the children’s affirmation cards in their bedroom or around the house.


Children's affirmation cards from get some positivity - I believe in myself Children's affirmation cards from get some positivity


Why Do Children Need Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are great for all ages, and can instantly make anyone feel happy, but they’re especially beneficial for children, whose brains are in crucial stages of development. Positive affirmations are great for nurturing your child’s mental well-being, building self confidence and self esteem.

Reading positive affirmation cards are also a great activity to do together with your child for many other reasons: quality one on one time, speech development, letter recognition, conversation starter, a way to calm and re-centre if your child is having a difficult time, and many more.


Children’s Positive Affirmation Cards from Get Some Positivity

After entering a competition on Instagram, we were lucky enough to win some positive affirmation cards for children from Get Some Positivity, a small, mum-run business. I was absolutely delighted to win the competition – even more so as Get Some Positivity is local to me, so it feels great to support a local business.

The children’s affirmation cards from Get Some Positivity come in a little drawstring bag, perfect for storing them in so they don’t get lost. It also means they’re easily transported – they would easily fit in a changing bag or handbag to whip out when you’re out and about.

Inside the bag are numerous affirmation cards (20, to be precise!) featuring positive affirmations, curated especially for children. The bright colours and shapes along the borders are visually appealing for children, and you could double up and use the children’s affirmation cards to help learn colours and shapes, too!

Get Some Positivity have kindly given my readers a discount code! Use code ‘JODETOPIA20’ for 20% off all the sets with free U.K. delivery for the physical children’s affirmations cards. This offer is only running for a week so be quick!

The positive affirmations are short and easy, perfect for children, such as:


Children's affirmation cards from get some positivity Children's affirmation cards from get some positivity



What does my son think of the Children’s Affirmation Cards?

Great news – my son absolutely loves his children’s affirmation cards! Since receiving them, he often asks for them, or gets them from his toy basket and brings them over to me. He is so happy when we repeat the affirmations together, and his pride exudes him when he completes them. He genuinely seems to really enjoy saying these things about himself.

In times when Arthur is finding things challenging (some people call these ‘tantrums’, but I don’t really like that terminology), these affirmation cards are a great tool. I’ve also found myself repeating his affirmations to him in correlating situations – if he is struggling with something, I might say ‘remember: you can do hard things! Take a deep breath and try again.’ If he is finding some of the apparatus a little challenging at the park, I might say ‘You are brave! You can do this!’.


Overall I highly recommend the children’s affirmation cards from Get Some Positivity – they would also make an excellent gift for a friend or as a new baby gift, too. If you like the sound of affirmation cards, Get Some Positivity have plenty of other packs too, as well as downloadable affirmation cards, such as parenting cards or workout cards!



Children's affirmation cards from get some positivity