Snow Day Bucket List With FREE Printable!

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Snow Day Bucket list for families


If you live in England, like me, snow in Winter isn’t a guarantee – in fact, it seems to be getting rarer as the years go on… but that’s just my observation and definitely not sure evidence based. Growing up in a small village on top of a hill, I remember countless snow days in my childhood, so there was plenty of time to tick off a snow day bucket list. As an adult, however, snow days feel few and far between, so it’s easy to get over excited and caught up on it and feel you’ve missed out if you forget to do something. To make sure you don’t miss any snow day activities, here’s my snow day bucket list – I’ve even put in a FREE printable so you don’t miss anything out!


The most important part of a Snow Day Bucket List: Make a snowman

As a child, making a snowman was for sure the highlight of a snow day. It was the first thing I wanted to do as soon as I awoke to thick snow, and thus I just have to list this one first. Get those gloves on and build a snowman. Heck, build a whole army of snowmen if you have enough snow!

Make a snow angel

Another favourite of mine growing up: snow angels! Although snow angels work best in fairly thick snow, they’ll also look good on a thin layer of snow, so if there’s not quite enough snow to make a snowman this is a great alternative. They’re a great one for younger children, too, although don’t forget to wrap up warm!

Have a snow fight

An absolute snow day bucket list staple: a snowball fight! Always be safe and ensure you have the full consent of all participants, agree rules beforehand (aiming below the hips/knees is a good one to stay safe) and have fun with it. Find an open space where nothing can be damaged by an accidental miss.

Have a snow sculpting competition

Another favourite of mine growing up – snow sculptures! I have some great memories of my father making rather extravagant snow sculptures and it adds a more creative twist on a stereotypical snowman. Turn it into a competition to satisfy the need for a bit of fun, friendly competition.

Make an igloo

Use a bucket to sculpt bricks or simply use small snowballs and build an igloo! For safety reasons, you should never build a roof over your igloo – just do the walls! Why not build two and use them to hide behind for your snowball fight?

Go sledding

We were never big on sledding growing up, but a lot of people love it. Make sure you have a sled ready for any potential snow as you’re unlikely to be able to buy one last minute on a snow day. You can pull yourselves along on the sled, but finding a gentle (or steep – depends how brave you are!) slope is much more fun. Stay safe and never sled near a road.

Don’t forget to have an act of kindness on your snow day bucket list!

We should all try to do more random acts of kindness – think how much better off the world would be if we all pledged to do a small kind thing every single day. A great act of kindness to have on your snow day bucket list that also doubles up as fun in the snow is to shovel snow for a neighbour. You could shovel their driveway so they can get their car out, or grit the corner on your road. Have a neighbour who may require assistance in the snow? Be sure to check in on them and offer to run any errands for them. Why not offer to check their car is in tip top shape with the iCarsoft diagnostic tool so that they are safe on their commutes to work?

Make a snow day bucket list scavenger hunt

Make a list of things you’re likely to find or see out and about on a walk on a snow day and see how many you can tick off. A snowman, a carrot, a frosty spiderweb and animal footprints are all great snow day options.

Warm up indoors with a hot chocolate

This one is more of a general Winter bucket list activity, but after your long day packed full of cold outdoors activities, there’s little better than curling up with a heart warming hot chocolate. Warm up by getting into your pyjamas, curling up with your duvet and setting out a hot chocolate topping station – whipped cream, marshmallows, flakes, chocolate orange segments, chocolate chips, you name it! Serve with themed homemade biscuits or a slice of tea bread. For extra points, read a calming book about stars or pop on a snow related movie – Frozen or Ice Age are great family friendly choices! You’ll be feeling toasty warm again in no time and wrapping your fingers around a warm mug will feel like absolute bliss after playing in the snow all day.


Snow Day Bucket List Free Printable


Snow day bucket list for families free printable checklist


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