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Since starting my new job in London a few months ago, and now making the daily commute from Kent to Mayfair on a daily basis (*cries*), my skin needs ALL the pampering it can get. Like, srsly. The lovely Gemma over at Type the Hype told me that a 20 minute journey on the tube is as bad for you as smoking a cigarette – think of all the germs and pollution floating around the carriages – yet we are all still forced to bundle in like sardines every single day. I cannot afford a weekly facial, so I’ve been trying to keep my skin as fresh, healthy, clean and pampered as possible to make up for the torture I’m putting it through twice a day. When Dahliana contacted me to see if I’d like to try out their range, I jumped at the chance – I chose Dahliana’s 30 Second Beauty Rescue Intensive Flash Peel* as it sounded like it would give me the pampering I deserve.

First of all, let’s discuss packaging – how cute is the pot?! It’s quite difficult to describe, but it has an almost 3D effect which is difficult to portray through the photographs, giving the pot and wording a little more depth. Being a slivery grey colour means it looks neat and professional on your bathroom shelf and would easily blend into any insta worthy bathroom *insert loveheart emoji eyes*! I also just absolutely love how the peel is actually dispensed from the pot – you push down on the top, and a blob of peel comes out, meaning you get the perfect amount every single time with zero waste and zero mess – perfect. It’s pretty cool, too – I almost want to keep doing it over and over again, but I don’t want to waste the product!

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty: this peel is fundamentally a nourishing, anti-aging skin care treatment. BUT, it is so much more than your bog standard anti-aging cream – it is also stated to tighten pores, lighten dark spots and increase collagen levels, all whilst exfoliating and hydrating your skin. This means that even if anti-aging isn’t your main concern, you’ll still reap the benefits.  

For my non beauty blogger readers, you might be screaming WTF IS A PEEL?! I wasn’t even aware of the availability of peels until a few months ago, when I discovered that a ton of brands are making more affordable, at home alternatives to salon peel treatments. A peel basically removes the top layers of your skin to deeply exfoliate and encourage cell turnover and growth. Because of this, your face is a little pink after you’ve used a peel, but it goes back to normal after about an hour – I’d always recommend doing a peel at night before bed so this isn’t an issue!

Dahliana 30 Second Beauty Rescue Intensive Flash Peel, Skincare, Jodetopia
Dahliana’s 30 Second Beauty Rescue Intensive Flash Peel is super easy to use – pump out a blob of the peel (try to avoid the temptation to have too much fun and pump more than one blob out!) and massage into your face in circular motions, until your whole face is covered in the product. Leave it on for 30 seconds to 1 minute (if you have more sensitive skin, it is best to stick to just 30 seconds) and wash off with cool water. The fact that the whole treatment is SO quick and easy is super helpful for me – I’m a busy woman!

I am continually impressed with the results of the peel – my skin is immediately left super soft, and my blemishes are always greatly reduced, too. I especially find it works well if I’m struggling with large, sore under the skin spots – these normally tend to be really red, but this peel sorts them out instantly! I am shocked at how good the results are – I recently went for an Elemis facial with similar results, but with this product I get the same results in 30 seconds as opposed to 30 minutes!
Last but not least, I have to mention – this product is VEGAN! Whilst I’m definitely not claiming to be vegan myself (although I did try a vegan diet for a month), knowing a product or brand is vegan gives me SUCH satisfaction – I would much rather put a natural, nothing-harmed-in-the-making-of product on my skin.

Dahliana 30 Second Beauty Rescue Intensive Flash Peel, Skincare, Jodetopia

The peel is super luxe and retails for $68 – although a bit of a splurge for the majority of us, when you compare this to the cost of a one off facial and think how many uses you will be able to get from the pot, it’s well worth the money.

Have you ever heard of this brand or tried a facial peel? Let me know in the comments below!

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