Dinotropolis at Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent

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Dinotropolis in Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, Dinosaur themed soft play, dinosaur animatronics


I’d like to introduce you to Bluewater Shopping Centre’s very own dinosaur themed soft play… Dinotropolis! PS – read until the bottom for the video tour I posted on Instagram!

What is Dinotropolis?

Dinotropolis is a dinosaur themed soft play centre located in Kent. It’s more than just a soft play, though – there’s dinosaur animatronics, dinosaur colouring that scans in so you can see your dinosaur wandering around on the screens displayed throughout the venue, interactive sand pits, fossils buried in sand, a ‘raptor racing’ section with bikes and so much more!

In the main 3 storey soft play itself you’ll find everything from the usual tunnels, slides and ball pits to giant red bouncy balls and mirror mazes. It’s a really good size and once you’re inside it’s bigger than initially expected. As an adult running around after my son I don’t feel cramped and easily fit through all the spaces, as does my partner – I’ve been in soft plays where you have to constantly crouch, and this definitely isn’t one of them!


Dinotropolis in Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, Dinosaur themed soft play Dinotropolis in Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, Dinosaur themed soft play


In the smaller areas for younger children you’ll find ball pits, small slides, soft play blocks, Velcro wall puzzles, see saw blocks, sensory blocks and more. It’s all age appropriate and feels very safe for the younger children.

The Discovery Cove is the perfect place to wind down after running wild around the soft play – grab a dinosaur colouring sheet from the front desk and take it through to the child size tables and chairs to colour it in. Once it’s finished, you can scan it in, and it’ll appear on the TV screens displayed around the venue.

There’s also ‘Raptor Racing’ – a circular track with bikes and trikes.



ball shooters in dinotropolis big bouncy ball in the three storey soft play


What age is it suitable for?

Dinotropolis has something for all ages! There are sections aimed for younger babies and toddlers up to 18 months or 3 years, and the big 3 storey soft play is recommended for age 4-12, but my nearly 3 year old gets on just fine, supervised of course!


Dinotropolis Bluewater opening times

Dinotropolis is open for prebookable sessions, which run at fixed timings of 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm. Each session is 1 hour 30 minutes long.

Book your day out at Dinotropolis now!


toddler area Arthur, a toddler, playing in the toddler area of soft play


Where is Dinotropolis?

The full address for Dinotropolis in Bluewater Shopping Centre is Dinotropolis, Upper Plaza, Bluewater, Dartford, Greenhithe, DA9 9SG.


Where is Dinotropolis in Bluewater?

Dinotropolis is located in the Upper Plaza. You’ll find the entrance between the cinema and Rosa’s Thai Cafe. You can’t miss it – look up and you’ll see the animatronic dinosaurs in the window! If you want some fresh air, why not visit the Bluewater Nature Trail?


Where to park for Dinotropolis

Bluewater has plenty of free parking, but the closest car park is Upper Thames Walk. Drive all the way to the end of the car park and you’ll find plenty of child and parent bays right by the entrance door – there’s a big billboard for Dinotropolis on the side of the building so you’ll know you’re in the right place!


racing slides at dinotropolis Dinotropolis in Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, Dinosaur themed soft play


How much does it cost?

I won’t lie, it is expensive – tickets are £12 per child (19+ months, under 18 months are free) and £5 per adult.

Monthly memberships are £15 per child and one adult goes free, so even if you only go once a month you’ll still be saving yourself £2 if you only have one child.


Fossil cafe at dinotropolis raptor racing entrance


Our Review and Experience

Dinotropolis is genuinely the best soft play we have ever been to – we enjoy it so much that we have a monthly membership!

It’s easy to find, there’s plenty of parking and it’s located in a good position close to plenty of food options in main Bluewater.

It gets a lot of bad reviews online but I’m really not sure why. It’s the cleanest soft play I’ve ever been to as well as big, well kept, and the online booking system means you can see how busy it is going to be before you get there (I highly recommend the 9am sessions – they’re normally so empty as you can see in the video footage!). I have genuine fun running around with Arthur, there’s plenty of equipment and different things to do and explore, and I just can’t recommend it enough.


Discovery cove drawing scanned into interactive screen at dinotropolis


My Top 3 Tips for Visiting Dinotropolis

1. Book 9am or 5pm sessions – they’re much less busy (you can check online how many spaces)

2. Bring a £1 coin for the lockers (it gets refunded!)

3. Wear trousers/leggings – not shorts!


dino jungle Dinotropolis in Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, Dinosaur themed soft play build your own dinosaur in discovery cove


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Dinotropolis in Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, Dinosaur themed soft play