Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Our First Father’s Day

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On most Father’s Days, I only have the generations above me to worry about. This year, however, I have a new father to consider: Taylor. For those of you who don’t know, Taylor is my partner, and therefore just coincidently happens to also be the father of my son, Arthur. Seeing as Taylor spoiled me rotten for my first Mother’s Day (I received the most gorgeous Tiffany necklace and a personalised memory box) it is only fair that I ensure his is just as special. To help anybody else struggling out there, I thought I’d share my Father’s Day gift ideas so far…


When asking him if there was anything in particular he would like, he responded simply by saying he wanted something practical that he would use often – not anything gimmicky that I would waste my very precious maternity pay on. Whilst I haven’t yet purchased Taylor his Father’s Day present, I have come up with the perfect gift idea that I just have to share – some beard trimmers, for example, the range of mens trimmers by Panasonic.


Now, the reason behind this thought isn’t just because he’s a man, and men tend to need a facial hair trimmer… it’s a lot more personal than that. If you’ve ever had a newborn baby, you’ll know how much you want to smother them in kisses. It’s constant. 24/7. They’re just so cute that you really can’t help but kiss their precious little foreheads. The only problem with that: stubble. I mean, I haven’t personally experienced this struggle, but I see it – Taylor kisses Arthur’s cute little head and Arthur squirms and cringes. It took me a while to realise why it kept happening, then it dawned on me – Taylor’s stubble was scratching on Arthur’s delicate little face!


Since we figured this out, Taylor has done his best to keep his beard/moustache as clean shaven as possible – but with a life where the hours just run away with you, what with all of the nappy changes and feeds, it’s tricky to stay on top of. If he had a handy lil beard trimmer, however, maybe, just maybe, he would be able to stay on top of it that little bit more often, and Arthur could have all the kisses in the world without getting scratched on his head!


A few other Father’s Day gift ideas I have for Taylor: a beer subscription box, a new belt, a watch box and a personalised mug for his desk at work.


Father’s Day 2019 isn’t until Sunday 16th June, so you’ve got a while to wait to see what I do buy for him!


What are you purchasing for your Father/Grandfather/Brother/Partner this Father’s Day?