Glossybox – January 2016: The Year of More

So, here we are – the first Glossybox of 2016! This Glossybox is all based around 2016 being the year of more. Not giving things up. Not limiting ourselves. But saying yes and getting more from the year ahead. LOVE the positivity. Great vibes.

No one cares about my ramblings, let’s see what I got! P.S the beautiful background is a printed Lylia Rose Scarf* – you can see how I styled this here.

Glossybox January 2016 Jodetopia Beauty Skincare Makeup Glossybox January 2016 Jodetopia Beauty Skincare Makeup

My first impressions of this month’s box was great. All of the products were a good size (no one likes little mini samples) and definitely a great value for money.


This serum is supposed to plump skin, whilst boosting hydration and radiance. If I’m completely honest, though, I haven’t noticed any real results. I’ve been using it before my moisturiser morning and evening (when I remember), and although my skin is hydrated, I don’t think that is down to the serum (I actually purchased a new night cream, and my skin improved as soon as I began using that). It’s pretty pricey at £38 for the full size, so I doubt this is something I would purchase.

IMG_0596I’ve never heard of Teeez Cosmetics before, but I was so excited to try this lipstick! It is beautifully packaged, and I loved the description – ‘ultra-creamy texture’ with ‘added coconut oil to keep lips noursihed and hydrated’. This sounded absolutely perfect for the harsh winter weather. Although the colour is super pigmented, and is a nice rosy pink so could be worn in the office or for a day out, it doesn’t really sit well on my lips unless I have harshly exfoliated before hand. My lips are obviously suffering in this weather, and I want something I can pop in my handbag to give me a pop of colour as and when, as opposed to something I can only use after a long pamper session. I have a feeling this lipstick will go into hibernation until summer, when I’ll be able to use it a little more freely.

Another brand I’ve never heard of – Angele Paris. I was pleasantly surprised with this nail polish. It’s quite thin, which is nice – it layers up well and dries quickly. One coat gives a pinky-red finish whereas two coats gets that classic red look. It’s not too bad in terms of chipping, either – I painted my toes and went a good few days without a single chip (which is very, very good for me – my toe nail polish normally chips the day after! I’m so glad to have this in my nail polish collection as my last red went a little gloopy, and you can never be without a red nail polish!

Okay so, I am disappointed with this eyeshadow. First of all – I hate it when Glossybox make a random product, then stick their logo on it. Glossybox is not a makeup brand. I do not want Glossybox products! It’s almost as bad as that time they made their logo into a metallic press on tattoo (really, Glossybox?!). The branding aside, it’s an OK eyeshadow. Packaging is sturdy, the colour is not bad, although not massively pigmented. It’s not too powdery, and is alright for a mauve undertone to a smokey eye. But still, not cool Glossybox, not cool.

I found this face mask very strange. It’s clear in colour, which I find odd – when I apply a face mask, I want it to be green! Or black! Or have at least some kind of colour so I know where it has been applied. This is a thick, gloopy, clear mess. You leave it on for 10 minutes, wash it off and it is supposed to ensure your complexion stays hydrated. I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but I really didn’t see any difference in my skin whatsoever. It didn’t feel any different, and it definitely didn’t feel any more hydrated than normal until a slapped on a load of my night cream.

Glossybox January 2016 Jodetopia Beauty Skincare Makeup

Overall, having re-read this post, I’ve just realised I’ve mainly been moaning about these products, which is strange because I actually think it is one of Glossybox’s better boxes. I just think maybe I need to research into the products a little more to truly understand them, and maybe make sure I’m using them right! My favourite product is definitely the nail polish (which says a lot, seeing as I used to hate Glossybox sending me nail polishes!).

Have you ever tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below! If you fancy grabbing a box for yourself, sign up using my invite link (it gets me points towards a free box!).

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